Monday, April 9, 2012

On Paper Reviewing

I love paper, being an origami enthusiast and all...I try to fold whatever I can into something and have stacks of different kinds of paper everywhere. I also love to read reviews on different origami paper...the only problem is most the time that is all these fellow bloggers review...not random paper or paper that was never intended for origami.

So that is where I come in...I am going to review non-origami paper (ok and maybe some origami paper for my own references so I can remember what to buy next time I need paper) using the following criteria:

Texture, Color, Size: I think that is pretty self explanatory. The basic...what the hell is this section
Crane: how does it work for folding cranes
Star: can I fold it into a star without breaking my fingers?
Minigami: my definition of minigami is any model folded with a piece of paper 2inches or less
Kusudama: how does it hold up making a blossom and taking a bit of gluing
Sonobe: how does it hold up being folded into a modular...errr...model
Availability: again, pretty easy to figure out what this means...where can I find these sheets of paper?

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