Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Secret of Stars

I have had lots of people ask me questions about my stars, mainly where I get all the paper to create them. I am finally ready to reveal my secrets!

Secret Number 1
Deviantart has a TON of people who make star paper, free to use! Just search Lucky Star Paper or Origami Star Paper and you get loads of results. I find to reserve ink it is best to get half sheets like this cute one or to crop full sheets.

Secret Number 2
Here is where it gets really fun, especially if you have a photo editing program (I use Paint Shop Pro 8) using a template (this is the one I use) use have what seems like an infinite variety of things you can fill into the 'star' section. Gradients, textures (again, DA is my main source giving you macro shots, paper scans, and unusual color designs) and of course patterns (ditto with DA as a great source of patterns)

It is of course totally possible to scan your own paper or use photos or whatever you like. You can fold the world into a star if you feel so inclined...and have a good photo of it!

Secret Number 3
Paper, of course paper is very important and if you know me...you know I will try to fold anything. You can buy premade paper star strips, using ebay to import them from Hong Kong has been the best option for me so far. But if you don't want to be limited by what you buy you can print them out. Regular printer paper works fine and I find it is really good if you are just starting out. (I will cover more papers that do and do not work in paper reviews to come) Plus it is much cheaper than importing paper...$5 for 200 sheets of printer paper vs $8 for 200 fancy imported sheets. Its not a huge difference, but it is noticeable

All of those (it is a partial shot of about 3,000 stars made in about 2 months time) are made from printer paper. While you do not get the foil, textures, and sparkles of the specialty paper you certainly get variety and vivid colors!

Secret Number 4
Cutting!! The first 1,000 or so stars I cut entirely by hand...not good for my arthritis! After I was unable to hold scissors I bought a paper cutter and it was amazing. I suggest if you are going to do a lot of cutting that you buy one, especially the Trimmer variety (that is the brand I use) I find that the Guillotine variety just made a mess for me. Blades on the trimmer need replacing after about 4,000 stars.

Secret  Number 5
Treating the stars. Sometimes you want to wear them in jewelry or hang them in a garland...you need to treat them or they get mushy. For jewelry stars I use Modge Podge varnish, for garlands I use a Spray Decoupage Gloss by Beacon. Both work well for my purposes.

And lastly a tutorial!
This was not the one I learned from, that came in a pack of Origami paper and has been long lost, but this one is pretty good and very colorful! I hope everyone enjoys my big reveals!!

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  1. My friend is getting married and I offered to make stars for her. I remembered you had blogged about getting patters off of Deviant, boy am I glad I remembered! Now I can print, cut and fold instead of ordering the strips of paper. The wedding is in about a month. Guess I better get folding. Great post!