Monday, May 28, 2012

Espeon: A Feline Interview

I probably won't be writing any paper reviews or really crafty stuff until after I move in a couple weeks, but I still want to play with my blog so there might be some really random today's where I interview one of my cats.

Greetings small fuzzy one, for those who don't know you (scandalous I know) please state your name.
-I am Lady Espeon Ravage Mitten Biscuit The Cat III. I come from a long line of gravity defying, flash stepping, Mist Cats. 

Well are pretty tiny for a cat, is that part of your Mist Cat legacy?
-Nah, that has to do more with the breed of cat I am. Mostly German Rex...also known as magical Pixie Cats....Ah! Stop shaking me, my dander will not make you fly!!!

Hehe, sorry about that, just thought I would give it a try. So now a sensitive question, how old are you and how did you come to live where you are now?
-Nosey! You never ask a lady her age, well...I guess I am not really a lady. I am almost two, I was nine months when I moved in with my current family a little over a year ago. Turns out my previous family couldn't take me with them when they moved and Amanda claims to have dreamed me into existence because she 'conveniently' dreamed about getting another cat that looked exactly like me the night before. So Ben and Amanda brought me home.

So I heard you have odd taste in toys, is that true?
-My love of straws is not exactly odd. True I could really care less about all those cutesy cat toys that Amanda is always bringing me. Stealing straws out of her cup, Q-tips out of the bathroom, and all tiny pieces of plastic is my real pleasure. I have a bunch of places I hide them, but someone decided it was a good idea to move and got rid of most my treasure piles. She called them garbage, but at least has given me lots of new straws. 

What kinds of food do you like, does it match your eclectic taste in toys?
-I prefer Whiskas Indoor Cat (they are paying me for product placement, right?) and my delightful hairball treats. I of course have to taste whatever everyone is eating at the time. Goldfish crackers are my favorite person food, fun to play with and cheesy! 

Nice Sweater there, Espeon. What is the deal with that?
-I am a tiny short haired cat that gets very cold during winter. Amanda's lap is not always available for warmth, so sometimes I put on a sweater. Yes it is the height of fashion, I am very conscious of these things.

What about other cats, you down with having company?
-I share my house with a very large ball of fluff called Tao. She is moody, motherly, and grooming her long hair gives me hair balls but she is great! At first she hated me, I would be all cute and kitten like and she would growl at me, but finally even she succumbed to my overwhelming cuteness and now we are like mother and kitten who randomly argue over who is the 'queen' 

Ok, that is all. Thanks a lot for your time!

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