Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dim Sum-day

Ok, ok that was a terrible pun...and no I am not at all sorry for it! Today Ben's parents took the two of us out to Dim Sum. Now usually (especially lately) I am not awake before noon and do a vast amount of snarling at anyone who tries to wake me up. Ben just had to say 'Amanda, want Dim Sum?' and I was up, dressed, and ready before almost everyone else! We went to Bo Ling's and had quite the feast, my new plan when we get settled into our own house is to use the amazing Asian store nearby to start making my own Dim Sum.

First of course was Tea, a delightful Pu-erh tea and certainly one of the best I have had. Even Ben who usually hates my fermented teas (says they taste like grave soil, hehe) liked this one.

This is just a general view of the yum haul. Those dumplings are one of my favorite things (probably not going to try to make them) Yu Chi Gau (shark fin dumplings) I go crazy for shark fin, so good! The vibrant green dish behind is Gai Lan with Oyster sauce which I will make in large quantities and just eat till my
 heart's content.

Of course there were BBQ Pork Pao (or Bao depending on dialect) which are one of Ben's favorites along with Siu Mai, Steamed rice in Lotus leaves (another one I am really excited to try on my own) Tofu Skins stuffed with mushrooms and bamboo, and various other yums (next time I think I might try the jellyfish)

One dish that Ben selected which I did not like was the Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce. The taste was fantastic, but ugh, the texture! I hate slimy or squishy textures, especially on meat...and these were squishy.

And of course, looking at the pictures is making me hungry for more! I will share any successful recipes when I start attempting them myself.


  1. Lucky you! Yeah, I would probably pass on the Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce, of course I would have to taste it , but the thought of chicken feet as food has always disturbed me a bit. And I like Dim-Sum-day I think it is a silly fun title. Thanks for sharing your adventures!!!! I love you! and I still miss you!

  2. Yum chicken feet!!!! I think had I not had this early on in life, the way they look and the texture would be off putting to me. I wish we had a dim sum place near by but alas the closest thing we have is a Chinese food place that offers pre-made stuff. I can tell it was stuff purchased from the Asian food store and just nuked or steamed at the restaurant.

  3. Dim-Sum-Day should be a national holiday!