Saturday, July 28, 2012

Paper Review: Origami Foil Paper

Today I will be discussing the joy that is foil paper...or the soul crushing agony which is foil paper, it all depends on the project! 
Texture, Color, Size: Oh where to begin! Origami foil paper in some ways is a giant pain, it is slippery, flimsy, not forgiving AT ALL if you mess up a fold and I think actually has your worst interest in mind. But...but...its so SHINY!!!! Its beautiful to look at, sparkles beautifully in the light...and if you perfect a piece folded out of foil paper, it really makes the annoyance worth it. Foil paper comes in a lot of colors, I just recently bought a rather large pack of it containing 10 different colors (fancy!) and it is also found in a wide variety of sizes. Since it is Origami paper it is fairly easy to find, pretty much any craft store that sells Origami paper at all will have at least one size available of the foil...and usually standard packs of paper will have a few sheets as well, I know that is where I first encountered the stuff. Usually you get the plain, thin, texture (think gum wrapper...really similar thickness to that) but once in a while you get foil paper that is thicker, textured, and really this
but this post will be primarily about the 'normal' foil and only lightly touching on the special foils.

Crane: A very common thing to fold in foil, in fact one of the first things I ever folded in foil paper was a crane. I suggest being really practiced at crane making (or anything really) before trying it in foil because one misjudged angle or incorrect fold will stay there to haunt you...forever

Lucky Star: Ughhhh these are a PAIN to fold into stars!! But wait, don't you fold shiny stars all the time, like these?
You are probably asking...well yes, but these are 'star paper' stars, made from special sparkly paper that is made for folding stars without them crumpling into a mess (fun fact, these were the first stars I ever made, last September) The Origami foil paper that you decide to cut into strips has a tendency to back fire if you use a normal size for a 6inch long sheet of paper (1cm) they just collapse like a black hole! After much fiddling I found a way to make them stars
That is it, the tiniest star I ever made, it works really well when you make it super tiny!

Minigami: Well, it is really hit or miss with making tiny things with foil paper...the smallest crane I have yet made
was from .5inch piece of foil paper, and it worked beautifully! At the same time one of my largest failures at origami came from making something tiny from foil paper. A sonobe ball made from half inch sheets of paper, the modular pieces worked fine but foil paper is just so slippery that it wouldn't hold together. So overall, yes! Foil paper is great for minigami...just maybe not for tiny tiny modular pieces

Kusudama: *bangs head on desk* I want to make a shiny Kusudama so bad, but the glue just won't stick to foil paper! I keep experimenting with different glues and techniques but so far no luck

Sonobe: And here it is, my favorite thing to make with Foil paper...probably
Foil paper was just -made- in my opinion for modular designs, I mean look at what you can do with it
it is fantastic
you can get some of the tightest folds making for some perfectly locking modular pieces, the colors are beautiful, and best of all...its shiny!! As per other things I do suggest practicing a design thoroughly before moving into the foil paper because it is so unforgiving. You can really see that with the Fuse espiral (only my second one made) a lack of practice really shows.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A To-Do List

We all know I will be making a bajillion stars...its kinda my obsession
But I might as well write down my ideas for other projects I am going to create at some point:

  • Water color stars and modular pieces. I have done some stars and they look great, there is something really magical about stars made from watercolored paper. I look forward to making other things with them.
  • Geometric coloring pages turned into stars and modular. This is really time consuming, huge sheets of detailed geometric designs take quite a while to color...and coloring 30 of them for a sonobe ball will take DAYS but it will be totally worth it
  • a sonobe icosahedron solar system mobile
  • an origami fish tank using one of my HUGE pickle jars
  • a jar mixing stars and a free hanging sonobe ball 
  • art mixing melted crayons (HEAT GUN!!!) and origami 
  • Modulars made from old books written in foreign scripts. My love of linguistics and origami will mix wonderfully
  • a mobile of the Chinese Zodiac animals 
  • a jar filled with purple origami butterflies for a Lupus charity 
  • design an origami Klein bottle (Ben set me a possibly impossible challenge) 
  • A huge pile of holiday ornaments
  • An even bigger pile of kusudamas and sonobe balls in lots of different variations
  • Finish my senbazuru 
  • make a senbazuru of recycled newspaper 

I know there is more, but I am forgetting it >.<