Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A To-Do List

We all know I will be making a bajillion stars...its kinda my obsession
But I might as well write down my ideas for other projects I am going to create at some point:

  • Water color stars and modular pieces. I have done some stars and they look great, there is something really magical about stars made from watercolored paper. I look forward to making other things with them.
  • Geometric coloring pages turned into stars and modular. This is really time consuming, huge sheets of detailed geometric designs take quite a while to color...and coloring 30 of them for a sonobe ball will take DAYS but it will be totally worth it
  • a sonobe icosahedron solar system mobile
  • an origami fish tank using one of my HUGE pickle jars
  • a jar mixing stars and a free hanging sonobe ball 
  • art mixing melted crayons (HEAT GUN!!!) and origami 
  • Modulars made from old books written in foreign scripts. My love of linguistics and origami will mix wonderfully
  • a mobile of the Chinese Zodiac animals 
  • a jar filled with purple origami butterflies for a Lupus charity 
  • design an origami Klein bottle (Ben set me a possibly impossible challenge) 
  • A huge pile of holiday ornaments
  • An even bigger pile of kusudamas and sonobe balls in lots of different variations
  • Finish my senbazuru 
  • make a senbazuru of recycled newspaper 

I know there is more, but I am forgetting it >.< 

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