Monday, September 24, 2012

Cat Interview: Tao

Well Tao has been giving me that look lately the 'how come Espeon got an interview and I didn't look' so lets make the little ball of fuzz happy!
Greetings not as small as the other fuzzy one, for the curious readers please state your name: Tao, also occasionally known as Goetia (for my lovely singing voice) and Monster (since I like to use my favorite person as a scratching post) 

Scratching post, really? Yes, she is soft and squishy and perfect for scratching...really I just play hard and don't mean to claw her to ribbons when we are playing, her hands just get in the way sometimes.

I have heard some rumors somewhere  that you are a bit fat and on a diet, is that true? Saying I am fat is just cruel, I might look fat to the untrained eye but actually I am very fuzzy and made of muscle. It is true I have a bit of a belly pouch due a little litter of kittens I had when I was young, but you can't fault a lady for being a mother, can you?

 So the other rumor about you being very maternal is true as well? What am I, a rumor factory? I am a very maternal cat (which makes the resident permanent kitten, Espeon happy) Whenever someone is sick or upset I am there to cuddle and make everything ok. It is pretty much the only time I will cuddle voluntarily (which is why I think Amanda fakes being sad sometimes) 

So, what kind of cat are you and how old are you?
I am a European medium length haired cat with a bit of a deformity. You know those munchkin cats with the purposefully short legs? Well I have a mild case of that accidentally so I am a bit short. 

Any special toys, treats, or foods you love? Catnip..I love the stuff. I might be addicted to it actually. I do have one nasty secret...whenever I want food or attention I find a plastic bag and chew on drives Amanda BONKERS..hehehe
Alright fluffy one, how did you end up with Amanda? Ah that is a sad tale with a happy ending. Someone abandoned me at a park and I was terrified, I don't like being outside...its very BIG! Amanda and her mother found me and took me in and loved me. I was the first cat Amanda had since she was little and thought she was allergic to cats (only boy cats apparently) so I was able to fill that void in her heart. 

Last question for you! What is it with you and boxes? I love them! Who needs toys when you have the endless joy of a box! My only problem is sometimes I don't fit and they break under tragic!

And that is Tao, not as funny as Espeon's interview but face it, Tao is not a comedy cat like the Esp is, she is a sweet cat (sometimes)