Saturday, September 15, 2012

Craft Show Prep

So I know I swore of craft shows forever after my last bomb over a year ago...but when Ben's granparents were nice enough to let me know of one at their retirement center I really couldn't say, hey..I want more craft supplies and I got Christmas gifts to start shopping for >.<

At least I will have Ben's help, he is always so awesome when it comes to supporting my obsessive crafts :P

So a to-do list to get done before October 20th to help me get motivated when I start feeling better (hopefully in a day or two)

-make a bunch of ornaments (since it is a Christmas show)
-make star garlands
-make star earrings and jewelry
-make several kusudamas and sonobes
-make holiday themed star jars
-price everything (boring)
-make boxes and gift bags
-make a bunch of 'purchase' bags for people who buy things
-print some business cards
-find a table cloth that is suitable
-make some mobiles

roughly a month to get them all done...ugh...


  1. Do you have a little business card type thing you can have at your booth too? It can help you get future commissions and such.

  2. I am going to get some, either make them myself or print them through a freebies coupon I have with vista print.

    I won't mind people buying more out of the shop but not sure how many commissions I want to take on, don't need too much extra work load :P