Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Curing Lupus, Step One, Part Two

I did a bad thing, but learned a really important couple of lessons from it. I had been very careful with my diet since my last blog entry on this asininely not eating anything at dinner because all the foods were yang-tastic careful. That plus daily meditation, Qigong, internal alchemy and just general getting a better read on how my body works really seemed to be making better. I was feeling great (other than that blasted lingering cold sniffles/cough)

Until this weekend

It was a big family gathering celebrating all the Autumn birthdays in the family...including I thought it was ok to eat whatever the hell I wanted. Several cups of caffeinated tea, chocolate, and meaty goodness later I felt like death. It was a really odd sensation, not only was there pain, feeling like I was boiling up inside, horrible mood swings and anxiety...I felt like a stranger in my own body. I could not feel my Chi flow to see what my body needed. It was awful!!!! Ben (who either is a natural healer or is just really good at fixing my problems) helped some but he described it as everything was burning up like I had balanced my chi flow some and was getting better, there were no "wildfires" but then I had to go and throw a match into a pile of leaves when there is still a drought and it is very windy. Oops

So what I have learned is that when you have become very aware to the way your body reacts to things you notice the problem much sooner and more acutely than before...and that no matter how good it looks DON'T EAT IT IF ITS BAD FOR YOU.

But on to good news and less of me being a dolt! Some of the good things I noticed before I botched was I no longer have cravings for...well salt, no meat, no sweets, no nothing. I eat when I am hungry and no longer have this I WILL KILL FOR A STEAK (or whatever) problem that I have always had. I was sleeping better and not as long, my focus and inspiration was intense, no more stomach problems, no fevers, my skin was clearing up (yay, no more butterfly) my constant dry everything was not a problem, and most my joints felt great. It was like I wasn't being plagued by Lupus. I felt more like a person and less like a walking illness. The only thing that was not getting better is the arthritis and swelling in my fingers, which I find troublesome (mainly because it interferes with my folding)

Other good news is I got me some fancy new meds! A bunch of Traditional Chinese Herbal teas at a wonderfully auspiciously named 888 International store. I tried one, the Nian Si Wei Herbal tea (or 24 flavors)
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and WOW it was awesome. Typical of TCM teas it tasted like a mixture of bitter, astringent, and bad (with copious sugar to make it more palatable...they added it, not me...honey would have been sooo much tastier) but I honestly noticed a difference. I feel relaxed but focused, energized without bouncing off the walls, my burning skin, joints, and fever all vanished...and the best thing of all is my finger joints shrank...there is no swelling at all on my hands and they feel as smooth as they did when I was a kid. This stuff is awesome! 

A cooling tea made to remove excessive Heat and Yang and have a cooling effect, it is made from Honeysuckle, Chrysanthemum, Flos Sophorae (huai hua), Rhizoma Polygonati officinalis (Yu Zhu), semen sterculiae scaphigerae (Pang Da Hai), Rhizoma phragmitis (Lu Gen), Haw (Saan Zaa Beng) and Tuckahoe (Fu Ling).

Totally worth the horrid taste 


  1. I still have crazy cravings but like you, I'm learning not to eat whatever is not that healthy for me. My biggest food sin has got to be coke light. Can't seem to give up the stuff.

  2. Thank you for your review on the 24 Flavors Tea! It was helpful.