Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sleeping Frustration

October was an odd month for me, kind of an Autumn colored blur! I did lots of awesome things like get another stuffed Octopus, a trumpet, discover good things about my health, and see a real Pumpkin Moonshine

This is cheating since this was July's Full Moon :P

But I have not had a chance to really enjoy October and my new trumpet...because my sleep has been ANNOYING!!!! 

No matter what I do or try, my body refuses to let me be awake during the day unless I punish it (by, you know...staying up 24+ hours) take today for example: I went to bed last night at 10pm with the assistance of Benadryl (my head has been killing me) and woke up at 4pm...really...I did not need to sleep that long!!

This has been happening all month and I just want to be Diurnal! 

I have a feeling I know the culprit (other than my usual tendency to be nocturnal) and it is my chronic headaches. After a recent visit to the eye doctors to find out that yes I need glasses (they should be arriving any day now...exciting!!) and yes the constant eye strain is the cause of my near constant and getting progressively worse headaches. And since I cannot take anything other than benadryl for headaches I tend to end up sleeping a lot.

Speaking of sleeping, I have photographic evidence that Ben is stealing my plushies...
There he is passed out after working a long shift..snuggling my Pirate octopus!! 

So here is to hoping that tomorrow the Optometrist calls and tells me to come get my glasses...then I can read without headaches and spend more time doing things! One of which is reviewing more paper...any requests?

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