Thursday, October 4, 2012

Westcott Vs Fiskar, Paper Trimmer Wars

As you all know I have a beloved paper cutter, a Westcott Titanium Blade Trimmer that I got for my birthday last year (which is good since I still have blister scars on my hands for the thousands of star strips I cut before I got my trimmer) Sadly last month my cutter died, it just won't work no matter what I do or how many blades I replace *mournful tear* it served me well and cut more paper than most I am sure.
It was well loved! I bought a new one off ebay, still from Westcott but this time a KleenEarth type. Well it never arrived :( so I bought one from Michael's using a nice fancy coupon. A Fiskar brand Trimmer.
Having used both now I will pick my favorite and list the pros and cons of each!

Westcott: Pros
  • Cheaper
  • Blade cartridge slide flips to the left making it easier to slide paper strips (stars mainly) out after it has been cut
  • ruler has CM and IN
Westcott: Cons
  • a real pain to replace blades, have cut myself a few times on it
  • The blade groove is really small and gets paper dust stuck in it, after constantly cleaning it out I think I ruined it since the blade does not move right anymore :(
  • Cannot buy replacement blades anywhere but online, which is a pain when waiting for them to arrive 
  • if you are not careful how hard you push the blade you will shred the paper rather than cut it. 
  • Blades are decent, like sharpened metal rather than a blade. Will not cut some paper (like old book pages or really thin paper, it just shreds it)

Fiskar: Pros
  • replacement blades cheaper and can be bought at craft stores
  • Titanium blades sharpened on both sides instead of being just a sharp piece of metal
  • Guide wire makes it easier to keep paper straight
  • easier to replace blade (has a slot to pop it out rather than having to wrestle the blade of the slide)
  • prettier (what, I like aesthetics) 
  • No paper dust being caught in a tiny groove
  • Cuts everything realllllllly smoothly
Fiskar: Cons 
  • initial cost of cutter a few dollars more than Westcott
  • Slide flips right making it a little slower when moving paper (I think this might be because I am used to another direction and will get better with practice)

So I think it is safe to say that Fiskar is my favorite! If my KleenEarth Fiskar ever arrives I will probably keep it as a spare, but Fiskar is my new brand!

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  1. I love this post thanks for sharing. I am not sure if Fiskar is available in Malaysia. But I am in need of a new cutter and I have not been able to put my finger on one yet so yeah your post really helped. Might order one on ebay. Thanks.

    rtwong - Follow Me #8