Saturday, November 3, 2012

Birthday Origami Giveaway!!

I am sitting here getting ready to walk 3 miles with the Alliance for Lupus Research...and dreading every minute because I feel like blech...and decided, you know I should have a contest to celebrate my birthday coming up!

Nothing is quite as fun as giving things away on your birthday!! This contest will be for two things:
This Blooming Kusudama

And this jar of shiny stars in my favorite color!
The contest begins now (woohoo!) and will run a little past my birthday since I might be busy and then too full of cake to take these to the post :P so it will end on November 23rd. To enter just use the fancy Rafflecopter form below! This contest is open to everyone, not just US residents!

Good Luck Everyone!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Amazing!!! I'd love to win either of them, how beautiful!

  2. wow cool! Happy birthday for you :)
    My friend and I make origami lucky star too, she folds the papers and I shape it, hihi
    I like the Distant Rain, Lapis, Moonstone, and Swarovski Crystal Necklace, blue blue blue <3

    bungaalangalang on swap-bot Follow me #8

  3. awwwwwwh the stars are so cute ^_^

    bet loads of multi coloured stars would really cute too

    best wishes and happiness

    MissLDEARTS - Swap-Bot ID
    ( Follow Me #8 )

  4. This is pretty cool!!

    -Zefaniya Follow me #8

  5. Hi there! New follower here from Follow Me #8! My name is SilverHealer :) I love the stars!


  6. Love the stars! And I love the star earrings in your shop. I'm a star fan. =0)

    It's been interesting reading through your blog. I don't play RPGs, but otherwise we seem to be a lot a like.

    I'm Sweettems on Swap-Bot.
    I came by for Follow Me #8.

  7. Love your blog and your shop is too cute! I'm your newest follower via GFC and I came from the Follow Me #8 swap. My username is snailmailer :)


  8. I'll do a double whammy, enter your contest and leave a comment. First, I've never, ever seen an origami star, I love them. I'm going to have to look up how to make them, because they're fascinating.

    Second, my favorite item? Probably the purple and black lucky star earrings. Purple is my favorite colour, followed closely by black.

    Stephanie - Follow me #8

  9. Wow! Those look super cool! I love the little blue stars!
    Also, happy birthday!!!!

    Brittany (IzzyStardust)
    Swap-Bot Follow Me #8

  10. Belated Birthday wishes to you girl..!!!

    In this part of the world I have always seen people receiving birthday presents. You are the first one ho is giving away. God bless your heart ;D

    rtwong - Follow Me #8

  11. I just forgot that I enter this giveaway (because I enter too many, gee gee)

    Thank you ^_^