Friday, November 23, 2012

Tea Time

As most people are aware, yesterday was first Thanksgiving away from home and with my other family...

yes, I said family because I have officially been included in Ben's family, his mother said so!

Anyway, I was in charge of making tea because as everyone I am sure is aware, I have a lot of tea. I could list all the teas I currently have but I do have other things I want to do today! I mean I got almost 30 new types of tea for my birthday alone!!

I was to make enough tea for 18 people...ok, that is somewhat easy...choose the teas that I have the most of. We were having Beef Bourguignon so I need a tea that accents that...wait, what the hell is Beef Bourguignon (which, for the record I still have a hard time pronouncing...I suck at French) what goes good with it?!? I decided on my Chen qi san shi nian Pu Erh (that means it is aged 30 years) because after asking the cook I found out that it is cooked in brandy (or in this case wine) so an aged tea with aged wine...I AM A GENIUS!!!

I was getting my teapot ready when Ben, ever being the diplomat and you know, living with his family his whole life...was kind enough to remind me that Pu Erh is not a tea to be taken lightly and is a very distinct tea...maybe I should make a second pot of something if I have enough..just to be safe. So I decided on my Mountain Cloud and Mist Green is pretty mild for people who do not like tea.

But Ben does not like most greens and I want to make sure he gets something...
And I will want some Oolong after I have my Pu-Erh...and I want to show off my Yixing Teapot...
...and so on until I ended up with a pile of teapots and tea to be brewed

I eventually decided on Gen Mai Cha, Pu Erh, Lychee Black, Mountain Cloud and Mist Green, and Shui Hsien Oolong tea. I got to give a little speech about each one which of course amused everyone (though not as much as my Fremen Style...Hey Sexy Sandworm joke)

And guess which tea was the most popular....the Pu Erh of course!!

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