Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Coming of Age Ceremony, or Amanda Waxes Her Legs

I am one of those silly people that has spent too much time studying History and Anthropology and therefore is sad that we, unlike so many other cultures throughout the world and time, do not have an official Coming of Age Ceremony.

Sure there is the turning of 21 where everything is legal, but what fun is that? Most ceremonies involve pain, a party, or learning something...or in the case of a Bar Mitzvah it might be all three (why do so many people whine about having to learn to read the Torah, I think that would be awesome...shame I am not Jewish) So of course I randomly (by randomly I think twice) think of Coming of Age ceremonies to put myself through to see if I become more wise and mature...my previous attempt, climbing a cliff face, did give me a glimmer of wisdom and that was never keep your camera in a pocket that is not deep enough

So what did I come up with this time...something painful and unpleasant, something that requires me to grow a pair, something that focuses on making me more attractive to the opposite sex...you know, typical stuff. I decided to wax my legs.

It did not go exactly how I expected it to...I let my leg hair get long and manly so I could get a good grip on the things and rip them off. Followed the directions and all but it was more of a disaster than a ceremonious event.

By disaster I mean that my pores started bleeding, turned really red and inflamed...and HURT. Not just the pulling the hair out hurt but this terrible tingly burning that no matter how much ice I use it won't stop :( apparently this is 'normal' for people who have really sensitive skin. Which of course I do...one of the reasons I hate shaving so much!! Now my legs are red, scabby, and have splotchy hair where I just gave up...because I guess I am not ready to be a woman

On another note, here is Espeon in a shirt

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  1. Wow too bad about the leg waxing, but you are a woman because you tried. Espeon is too cute and I love you!