Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Eco-Cha Artisan Tea: Jin Xuan Oolong Tea, A Tea Review

Good news everyone, my stomach seems to be on the mend so I am able to drink Oolong again! Still too sensitive for Black teas and it is hit or miss with Green, but Oolong tea and I are friends again. Auspicious for New Years Eve, also auspicious is that my mini Perler (ok, Hama, their English cousins) arrived. They are so tiny, about the size of a Seed Bead for those who are in the know. I am not looking forward to sorting them all, but using them in projects is very exciting. For now though, on to the tea!

Jin Xuan Oolong Tea by Eco-Cha Artisan Tea is an award winning Taiwanese Oolong tea (and one of my personal favorite Taiwanese Oolongs, fun fact) harvested in the Winter of 2013. Jin Xuan translates to Golden Daylily and is also known as Milk Oolong. The aroma of the leaves is very sweet and floral, the orchid notes are heady and intense. The sweet floral aroma fades to a vegetal, green bean note with an after aroma of fresh bread. The aroma is mouthwatering and pleasant, I found myself just inhaling the aroma long after my kettle was ready with its water.

Once I finally finished sniffing the loose leave and brewed the teas, the aroma of leaves is wonderfully floral and heady and very smooth. There is still the underlying vegetal notes as well. The liquid is smooth and floral with herbaceous notes of sage and slightly woody like bamboo.

The first steep is mild and sweet with subtle flavor notes. There are notes of sage and orchids with a sugarcane midtaste. The finish is creamy and mild and the floral notes linger. I feel as though this steep is just a hint of what is to come and is easing you into a more intense flavor. It is very enjoyable with its subtlety, especially after a break from tea.

The second steep's leaves have a much headier aroma and very sweet, like fresh sugarcane juice and orchids. The liquid's aroma is creamy and vegetal and quite tantalizing. The taste is creamy and sweet with much stronger vegetal tones and a sweet aftertaste. The mouthfeel starts buttery and fades to a dry mouthfeel, it is a very enjoyable transition. On to the third steeping!

The third and final steeping has a very heady aroma, not quite as strong as the second steeping but still quite intense. The liquid's aroma is very sweet and less vegetal, the sweetness is more like honey. The taste is vegetal, mixing green beans and chestnuts with a slightly herbal midtaste. The aftertaste is sweet like sugarcane and the mouthfeel is dry and invigorating.

This tea does not disappoint! It is a wonderful example of how an Oolong grows with each steeping and takes you on a journey. I recommend steeping this tea when you want to relax and just focus on the tea experience or after a light meal. Also I had to show off the packaging, the tea itself is in a nice vacuum sealed container (which is always entertaining to open) but the box has lots of relevant info.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Here's Hoping Traveling Tea Box, The Unboxing

I love tea swapping, back when I was very active on Swap-bot I signed up for every tea themed swap I could find. Sadly though most the swaps on Swap-bot are for teabags and I am more of a loose leaf kinda girl now, and I missed my swaps. I have been debating joining in some of the tea swaps on Steepster but usually they are 'I have X and I am requesting Y' and have not found any that really 'fit' me. Of course there is the Traveling Tea Box, which I had to get in on.

I am not easily overwhelmed, but this did it!
The Traveling Tea Box is a genius idea, a person loads a box full of tea and sends it to the first person on a list, that person takes what they want and replaces it with an equal amount of tea. You can take lots of samples or a few full packages (or a bit of both) as long as you replace it with an equal amount of tea. Most people of course add more than they took so the box is also a testament to how amazing the tea community is.
Useful Reference Card
As soon as I was accepted into the box list I went to the store to get fancy bags (most of my tea is stored in tins or jars on a very dark and dry shelf) and started selecting what teas I would add. My plan was to take a serving of most the teas (for blogging purposes...ok, and for my own curiosity) and only remove the full container if it is a tea I loved.
I was going to lay them all out for a photo, but I lacked the floor space, so I sorted them best I could in their box.
I have of course, already selected the teas I am keeping, I am most excited about the Lupica Matcha Wild Rice and the Utopia Tea Almond Cookies but all the samples and other keepers have me practically bouncing. There were quite a few teas that only had a serving left so those will be staying with me as well.
My keeping stash, yes I will Smeagol 'My Precious' over the pile

The teas I selected to replace are all packed up and ready to go. I am especially excited to see what people think of the Rose Tie Guan Yin and the Minecraft Creeper Tea. I might have the record for the shortest turn around time with a Tea Box, but that is ok with me! The box is packed and waiting to go to its next home as soon as I get the address.
The going out stash, not sure how many ounces in total there are, but I had a bit of a hard time getting them all to fit in!
This experience was so amazing I am tempted to start a version of this with my Facebook Tea Group. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!! And since my stomach is on the mend I will be able to enjoy all of these teas soon!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013, A Retrospective

I know it is not exactly the end of the year quite yet, but I figured now is as good a time as any to look back at the year (using photos of course) and how it impacted me.

I discovered Minecraft, ok that is a lie, I knew about it for a while but a combination of a computer that refuses to play it (WHY!!!!!) and not being able to afford the Xbox version for a while meant that as per usual, I came kinda late to the party. I am not going to say that Minecraft changed my life, but I certainly am not going to deny it. I play it whenever I can, talk about it with anyone who will listen, make crafty things centered around it, watch videos about it, and occasionally dream about it. It was a surprise New Years gift from Ben and I have thoroughly loved it.
Last year we had record breaking heat and droughts, I loathe heat and dry weather, it depressed the pants off of me (it was too hot for pants) so when winter rolled around and we got snow I was elated! We had a our first big snowfall in February and I decided to introduce my cats to the snow. Tao was exceptionally confused by this cold white stuff, Espeon ran into the snow and immediately ran out of it again.
Combining my new love of Perler Beads (discovered at Christmas) and my new love of Summoner Wars in this photo. Summoner Wars is an awesome game that I recommend everyone check out. Ben and I love it so much that we created this long, rambling RPG style story around the various factions and battles (because we do that about everything, really) and have spent many an awesome hour in character. Shadow Elves Rule!
One of the things I enjoy about Kansas City and the Midwest is the crazy, unpredictable weather. This is mid May and we got a nice foot of snow, a few days later it melted away and was replaced by a few inches of hail. The hail squall roar terrified me and I thought it was a tornado, so I grabbed the cats and was running to the basement when I realized 'oh, it is hail' and then of course went outside to investigate. I certainly learned that as much as I want to go storm chasing some day, tornadoes still terrify me.
Shortly after that crazy weather I got sick, really sick, (granted I had spent more or less the entire time after Christmas in a constant state of unwell but this was bad) terribl bronchitis that made my asthma flair up worse than it has in years...of course this was two weeks before my big bus trip back to PA to spend some much needed time with my family. Luckily time with my mom did the trick and cured my lungs, along with some terrible homesickness. I spent three months hanging out with my awesome family, hunting mushrooms, playing in mountain creeks, and remembering the things I miss about living in the mountains. Sorry Midwest, you do not have nearly enough forests and mountains for my soul to be really content here. It we truly one of the best summers ever.
Right about this time I discovered my true calling in life, tea blogging and being a giant geek. Ok, I already knew the geek part, but discovering tea blogging was like a light going on and everything falling into place. I could express myself through writing and hopefully get more people interested in teas that I like. I have also discovered a lot of wonderful new teas, founded a facebook tea group, and met some wonderful people. I have been in a lot of different social networking and forums and nowhere have I ever been more welcomed and surrounded by such friendly people.
Speaking of tea, this little guy has been such an awesome friend. I love Oolong tea, it is probably my favorite type of tea to drink (and so varied!) and investing in a Gaiwan was one of my best decisions. I recommend one to anyone who really wants to experience the art of Oolong.

So that has been my year, it has been filled with tea, geekery, loved ones, sickness, cats, and perler beads. Overall I would say it has been a good year, I have found my true purpose in life and I finally have a real sense of contentment. And now I am going back to Terraria to work on my epic tunnel, see you all tomorrow for your regularly scheduled tea!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Numi Organic Tea, Aged Earl Grey, A Tea Review

My first day without any tea (or non boring food) and so far a mild improvement, sadly the complete and utter lack of caffeine has turned me into a grumpy slug. I haven't bothered to change out of my PJs and have spent the entire day playing Terraria and glaring at anyone that is at all 'peppy' it turns out I am not a pleasant person without caffeine in my system. But have no fear, I can reign in my snarly sensibilities to talk about a tea like a civilized person.

Today we are looking at Aged Earl Grey by Numi Organic Tea, I originally bought a box of this tea for my Earl Grey obsessed boyfriend in the constant search to find different Earl Grey variants that he would like, of course I wandered off with a bag for my own nefarious reviewing purposes. The aroma of this tea is very bergamot heavy with a sweet edge to it, there is also a malty undertone that makes the aroma very pleasant, it is certainly a tea that will wake you up!

The brewed tea has a bright and brisk aroma, typical of an Earl Grey, with strong notes of bergamot's citrus tones. There is also an undertone of malt that add an extra bit of briskness to the cup's aroma.

The taste is sadly not spectacular, there is an initial wonderfully bright zing of astringency, but after that fades I found I was left with a mouth full of nothingness. The bergamot aroma from earlier is not present in the tasting, but there is still a very mild hint of malt as an aftertaste. Sadly this tea is not for me, even if it does smell delightful.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Kusmi Tea: Bourbon Vanilla Tea, A Tea Review

Well everyone I have good news and bad news, the bad news is my stomach ulcer is just awful so not only do I need a bland diet (yay) I also need to take tea out of my diet for at least a week. I am pretty sure I can survive without tea for a week but it will not be fun. The good news is that I have tons of teas in my notebook still so I can blog daily during my trials and tribulations.

Today's tea is Bourbon Vanilla by Kusmi Tea, a Chinese Black Tea flavored with Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar. Fun fact, the name Bourbon Vanilla comes from Reunion a French controlled island that was previously called Ile Bourbon after the House of Bourbon. The aroma of this tea is fairly mild for a vanilla tea, it is sweet and creamy similar to vanilla bean ice cream. There are also notes of almonds, oak wood, and a very faint hint of strawberry that I honestly am not sure where it comes from. The aroma is pleasant and dessert like.

Once brewed the vanilla aroma practically disappears from the wet leaves but the base tea's aroma is very bright and a touch malty. I also notice a fruity tone that has changed from strawberries to cherries in the wet leaves, it blends well with the malty and bright aroma. The liquid has captured the aroma of the vanilla from the leaves and is sweet and creamy.

The taste is subtly sweet and brisk. The vanilla is creamy along with notes of nuttiness and a midtaste of oak wood. I added a touch of cream and it really accented the already creamy undertones of the tea. There was no need for sugar since it is already sweet. I feel this tea is good for waking up or for dessert, but I doubt I will seek out more. It is a pleasant tea but not really outstanding.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Eco-Cha Artisan Tea: Organic High Mountain Oolong Tea, A Tea Review

Happy after the Holidays (almost, still New Years) everyone, I had a good one, and a good little vacation, I hope you all didn't miss me too much. Sadly though my stomach ulcer is acting up, so all the yummy holiday food cannot be eaten by me. Luckily though I discovered that copious amounts of Oolong tea soothes my stomach. Today I am reviewing some Oolong from Taiwan sent to me from the lovely people at Eco-Cha, I decided to bring out the gaiwan (like I ever put it away?) and my bubble cups for brewing.

Organic High Mountain Oolong Tea by Eco-Cha Artisan Tea is an Oolong tea picked from the He Huan Mountain in Taiwan during the Spring of 2012. I suggest giving their website a view, they give lots of useful information about their teas which I certainly appreciate. The aroma of the loose leaves is sweet and floral with notes of honey and lilac. There are also notes of mild vegetal, spinach in this case, and a very faint fruity note that is evocative of scuppernongs. The aroma of this tea is enticing, not overpowering and heady but like a spring breeze bringing distant aromas through an open window, this tea makes me want to go outside and explore.

Once I give the leaves a steeping in their gaiwan the aroma becomes even fruitier with honeyed notes of scuppernongs and floral hyacinths. There are also vegetal notes and a very mild whiff of pepper. The aroma of the brewed liquid is very mild and sweet, like honey and a hint of orchids.

The first (of several) steeps blends sweetness and floral flavors together for a very mild tea. The taste is like candied violets and honey with a mild vegetal midtaste ending with sweetness again. The mouthfeel starts out buttery smooth and finishes with an abrupt sharpness that wakes up the mouth. The first steeping starts off relaxing and soothing and ends with a crescendo making me excited for the next steep.

The second steeping gives a slightly darker liquid with a sweet aroma and a note of lemon verbena giving it both a citrus and herbal tone. The first thing I notice is the incredibly smooth and buttery mouthfeel, the taste is mild with subtle notes of honey and lilacs with a finishing note of chestnuts. As it cools there is a hint of cherries as an aftertaste.

The third steep brings a more floral aroma from my little bubble cup and it is quite heady. The taste is sweet like honey with a rich orchid note. The mouthfeel is still very buttery smooth and delightful to drink, I feel very soothed. There is a fruity aftertaste that lingers for a bit.

The last steep is subtly sweet with more of a vegetal note than floral with a slight midtaste of chestnuts. The mouthfeel is still extremely smooth and soothing, it is definitely one of my favorite aspects of this tea. This tea is great for sipping Gong Fu style and reminds me of early Springtime, it also is soothing to my angry stomach so that is a huge plus.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Wegman's Food Market: Sakura Sencha, A Tea Review

Today has been a chill day, and I do not just mean it is freezing cold and we are under a Winter Storm Warning (oh please, please let us get snow!!) Today I have spent mostly relaxing before the inevitable onslaught of holiday cheer. I spent the day working on a massive castle in Minecraft, so far I have the outer walls and part of the turrets complete, it will be my biggest build yet. Plus my shoulders and wrists needed a break before I get back to finishing all the crafty gifts I need to make. All this holiday business puts me in the mood for Spring, so it is time for a Springtime tea from the annals of my notebook.
Tea with flowers always make me happy

Sakura Sencha from Wegman's Food Market (originally by Ito En) is a Japanese treat evoking the delicate blossoms of spring, blending Kagoshima Sencha and Sakura blossoms. The aroma is tart and sweet with an undertone of fairly mild vegetal and a touch of grass. The sakura blossoms add a gentle floral tone with a touch of citrusy fruit that reminds me a bit of dragonfruit. The aroma is very much so reminiscent of springtime blending new growth and flower blossoms, overall the aroma is very delicate.
Sadly not as showy as my last Sakura tea

Once brewed the aroma, while still being fairly delicate, increases the intensity. Not only is there the floral aroma but now I notice notes of cherries and freshly mown hay and it blends wonderfully with the aroma of the sakura blossoms. The liquid has a sweet, fruity aroma with undertones of freshly mown hay and a hint of almonds. The aroma is still delicate and fairly enticing.

The flavor is sweet and floral with notes of almond and cherries. The mouthfeel is smooth and the aftertaste is that of fresh grass. This is probably one of the few times I will offer advice like this, but do not follow the directions on the website/tin. I found that if I brewed the tea at 175 degrees it turned out a bit bitter, very much so the flavor of a tea brewed at the wrong temperature. I brewed the tea again at a lower temperature (150 degrees) and all the bitterness was gone and I was left with a smooth and pleasant tea. As the tea cools the sakura flavor becomes stronger and the tea becomes sweeter, it is a wonderful reminder of springtime and perfect for a relaxing sipping experience.
Happy Holidays from Espeon!

I should note there is a slight chance that I might miss a few days posting a blog in the upcoming week. There are a lot of very social events I am supposed to attend and being an introvert these things kinda wear me out. Hopefully I will have a blog out everyday but if not, now you know why. Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Primula: Wild Flower Blooming Tea, A Tea Review

I have spent most the day hunched over my perler boards spriting out gifts for people, now that I am stretched out in bed, propped up on a pile of pillows I can certainly say I am a happier person. I plan on spending the rest of my evening watching Let's Play videos, sipping tea, and nibbling on snacks before I inevitably fall asleep. This of course, has nothing to do with the tea I am reviewing today! 
Looks like a bulb, maybe I should plant it?

Wild Flowers Blooming Tea by Primula is a blooming tea made from Chinese Green tea, Jasmine and Globe Amaranth flowers. The aroma of this tea is all flowers, intensely heady jasmine flower aroma drifts out of this interesting little ball of green. There is also a mild hint of earthiness, but the green tea is mostly indistinguishable and took some serious sniffing before I noticed the barest hint of vegetal. 
wgah'nagl fhtagn

Steeping the tea is an experience, and lets face it, the real reason we are all here. Watching the ball of tea bloom into a spiky flowered ball (that will forever vaguely remind me of Cthulhu but I am a nut) is an extremely enjoyable experience. The aroma is entirely jasmine flowers, which is all fine and dandy but not really nuanced. It smells like one very specific flower, no tea or other notes, just jasmine. The liquid without the leaves is the same, just jasmine. 

The taste is heady jasmine and a touch of sweetness and the barest touch of vegetal green. It is an unremarkable drink with a beautiful viewing experience. There is a reason that I pull this tea out at events where there are no tea drinkers, it provides a wonderful show and a pleasant warm drink to sip on. I wish the base green tea had a stronger flavor, I think it if were it could knock my socks off, but since it isn't I will just continue using this tea mostly as a visual treat to impress guests with. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Upton Tea Imports: Maracuja Flavored Tea, A Tea Review

Today has been an overwhelming day! I got some amazing gifts in the mail from my wonderful family which made the fact that I feel like utter and complete garbage a lot more tolerable. Even though my body is a wreck my spirit is practically vibrating with happiness, 'tis the season after all. Today though we have a tea that is evocative of Summer, for those living in warmer climates.

Maracuja Flavored Tea from Upton Tea Imports is a China Black Tea flavored with Maracuja (Passion Fruit) Essence,  Sunflower blossoms, and Sugared Peach bits. The aroma is very sweet and tropical fruity, not tropical like coconuts and palm trees but more like exotic tropical fruits. There is a tart citrus tone to it and mild notes of floral that make me think of dragonfruit or soursop.

Steeping the tea gives the leaves a maltier flare with bright citrus notes and a tropical flare. I can definitely tell that this tea has the essence of passion fruit and peach since both are noticeable. The liquid is malty and bright with sweet, fruity notes. It smells very dessert like and exotic.

The taste is mildly malty with a bit of tartness and citric tones. For all the tea's sweet aroma the flavor is not very sweet so adding a bit of sugar does not cause it to become saccharine. After I added a bit of sugar I noticed the taste of passion fruit and a tiny hint of peach. This tea is not bad, not spectacular but certainly enjoyable. I found that drinking this tea iced was also enjoyable, making it a good choice for summer sipping.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Verdant Tea: Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin, A Tea Review

I slept for twelve hours yesterday, it seems excessive but clearly I needed it since I feel much better today and I have flipped back to being diurnal again. It is a constant struggle, I am naturally nocturnal but since I live with other people (making it hard to do things at night for fear of disturbing sleepers) I try to keep myself diurnal. Time for a tea review, another from my notebook of backlogged awesomeness.

Today's tea is Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin from Verdant tea. Before I get too far into my review I should apologize, something weird happened to my camera (I have fixed it) where some of my photos were not storing on my SD card and sadly I did not notice till after my tasting was finished and I did not have more of the tea to photograph. Sadly that means no photo of the loose leaf, but I do have one of a cicada on the package. The aroma of this tea is very rich and heady mixing floral, nutty, and slightly fruity notes. The floral notes are the strongest blending orchids and lilacs with a gentle note of honey and freshly mown hay. I also detect a slight note of scupernong sweetness and as I pull the leaves away from my nose I get a really light hint of apricots.

The steeped leaves have a green aroma, like standing in a field of flowers and you can smell the aroma of broken leaves and flowers. There are also fairly strong notes of chestnut which blends very well with the notes of orchid and vegetation. Even though this is an Autumn picked Tieguanyin the aroma reminds me of high summer and makes me feel warm just thinking about it. The liquid's aroma is mild and refreshing, mostly floral notes that are not at all heady. It reminds me of a breeze carrying in the aroma of flowers from the garden outside your window. There is also a note of chestnut at the finish.

The taste is exceptionally mild and very sweet, it is like drinking a cup of very warm honeysuckle nectar with a gentle chestnutty aftertaste. Nothing about this tea overwhelms, it feels very much so like a 'hug in a cup' and just soothes everything.

The aroma of the leaves used for a second steep are much richer, which makes sense since they have unfurled more. The orchid notes are headier and the chestnut notes are stronger, it is one of those teas that the steeping aroma fills an entire area rather than hiding in the cup. The liquid also is much headier while still retaining some of the mildness that the previous steep had. The taste is similar to the first cup being very smooth and sweet with strong notes of honeysuckle. The mouth feel is buttery smooth and the flavors are a little more rich with the second steeping. I like this tea a lot (but really, have I ever had a TGY that I didn't like?) it is one that I can see myself sipping before sleep or when I want to do something relaxing because it has such a soothing quality. Someday in the future I will have to procure more of this tea and give it a Gongfu brewing review.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Upton Tea Import: Young Hyson, A Tea Review

Everyone, brace yourselves, I am about to use the the phrase 'is whack' in a sentence unironically. My sleep schedule is whack because instead of sleeping last night before my friend's graduation I decided to stay up all night. It was all good though, the graduation was a ceremony, I got to be a photographer, and the University Dean thought I was a Grad Student because I am so knowledgeable. I think my nerd score just went up a level on that one. Today we are looking at another of of my backlogged journal entries from earlier times!
Pretty leaves! I say that so often.
Young Hyson from Upton Tea Imports is a Chinese Green Tea of the Chun Mee family (meaning it is a small, twisted leaf) and is known as Yu Chin Ch'a in China. There is a bit of contention about the name Hyson though, it is not clear if it is named for the English tea merchant Phillip Hyson or if it is a descriptive name (flourishing spring) for its time of harvest. The aroma of this tea is vegetal and sweet mixing notes of artichoke, white grapes, and a hint of citrus. It is mild and refreshing, the aroma is very much so something I would want refreshing me on a warm day.

Once the leaves are introduced to their watery bath the aroma become much sweeter and citrusy. I notice that it is no longer a vegetal aroma but a vegetation aroma that wafts out of the steeped leaves. It is very much the aroma of things growing in springtime. The liquid is surprisingly mild, there is very little aroma except for a delicate hint of vegetal, specifically spinach.
Aww, the Flying Dragon Kettle, before I got my fancy Electric Kettle
The taste is mild, mixing fresh spring green with a touch of bitterness that is similar to arugala. The comparison to bitter greens is actually not far off with this tea, it is a touch bitter, a touch savory, and a touch vegetal. There is also a gentle smokey aftertaste that fades fairly quickly. This tea is not a bad tea but it is also not one to write home about, I found it unspectacular and would choose other greens over this tea. I did find that as it cools it takes on a sweet and floral note which makes me curious as to how it would taste as an iced tea. Perhaps I will have to give this tea another visit when Summer comes around again!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Adagio Teas: Yunnan Jig, A Tea Review

I am going to admit it, I have not had a good day. I blame it on insufficient tea, insufficient snow, and really annoying Lupus/RA flair in the making. Even though my day has been less than stellar I am somewhat grateful for days like today, they help keep life in perspective. Life is all about balance, and today I will balance my life by making my tea journal's backlog one entry shorter.
The leaves look like beautiful felt!
Today's tea is Yunnan Jig by Adagio Teas and is one of those beautiful Black teas filled with beautiful golden tips. I am such a fan of tippy teas, the aesthetic appeal is so strong. The aroma is sweetly muscatel with notes of oak and summer berries. The aroma is very mellow and fairly soothing, fairly delicate for a Black tea.

Once the leaves are steeped their aroma takes a turn for the malty with strong notes of oak. Less sweet now and more of that punchy aroma that Black teas are known for. The aroma is much brighter and richer now with very subtle notes of muscatel as I pull my steeping basket away from my face. The liquid is sweet and muscatel with a delicate note of malt and a hint of fresh berries.

The taste is bright and clean! It is a great feeling to take that first sip of a black and feel not only refreshed but have the flavors come across as being pure. The flavors are sweet with notes of muscatel and a gentle hint of dark chocolate. I also detected an aftertaste of mineral leaving a slightly tingling mouthfeel which finished the sipping experience with the same refreshing feeling as the beginning. This is a great afternoon tea that I found tasted wonderfully straight, but adding a hint of cream and sugar was also delicious.