Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Xbox 360 Minecraft Seed: Ramble

My first experience with Minecraft on the 360 was a random seed that sucked majorly...mostly tundra and desert which was boring...and massive holes in the ground...which was awesome. Sadly I spent most the game dying horribly so I decided to try again with a random seed...and it was GLORIOUS!

This seed is so good I have to share its awesomeness.

Name: Ramble
Seed:  -2906800583407840952 (be sure to use the dash when adding it)

This seed has everything; beautiful caves, abandoned mineshafts, a Stronghold, almost all the biomes, a very useful river, dungeons, NPC village and lots of easy to access to resources.

The map is essentially several large islands that form a sort of bay around a medium sized ocean. Lots of land and plenty of water for boat navigation (which made early exploration really fun and easier to not get horribly lost)

Some features and coordinates:
Fantastic extreme hills that stretch the south side of the map, easy to find...just follow the river that is near your original spawn point and then you will see them rising majestically out of the water. The biomes in these hills are forest and taiga with ocean on the far south side. There are lots of floaters ranging from big to small and lots of shade so beware the creeps :P I find the easiest way to navigate these hills is to jump (while yelling Parkour!!!) into the water that surrounds the hills. Lots of coal and a few caves scattered around too.

A lovely river that flows through a large part of the map making exploring for caves really fun. (what? I like water) there is lots of clay in the river and several places where at the bottom of its depths you can find some impressive caves. The river goes mainly through the forest and plains ending with the oh so scenic extreme hills.

This seed is LOADED with abandoned Mineshafts loaded with lot of chests and goodies. Here are the Coordinates:
The easiest to find is the one that is at the bottom at a very deep ravine X 43 Y 35 Z 200
The others are: X-206 Y 28 Z 26, X 177 Y 44  Z 228, X 204 Y 22 Z-319 sadly one of them is split by a ravine so it is all wonky, but still a blast to explore.

The Stronghold made me so happy, I just love it! If you dig straight down (don't worry, no lava or pits) you will find it at X-84 Y 4 Z-69 or if you feel really adventurous you can explore the cave/pit in the ground at X-113 Y 64 Z -85 which eventually leads to the stronghold.

There are also the lovely Mycellium loaded Mushroom Island biome. This one was actually kinda small and I expanded it with soil and let the fungi take over and eventually Mooshrooms spawned. You can find it at X -72 Y 66 Z -349

Some other features and shots of the seed
Taiga during a snow

yes, there are slimes a plenty 

lots of dungeons 

a nice sized desert

FANTASTIC view from the extreme hills

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  1. I love your Minecraft world. I had so much fun exploring yours and Greg's Love You