Friday, June 28, 2013

The Fate of OrigamiOverflow

Time to discuss the fate of my sad little Origami shop, it is sad because it never gets any new additions...and probably won't again because it will be going away.

Noo!!! You are most certainly crying out in sorrow....sadly yes, my hands have just become too arthritic and folding is too painful. I think I did it too myself, last Christmas I had a TON of folded gifts and custom orders to make for people so for about 2 months I did nothing but fold, fold, fold, fold. Even though my hands were killing me I kept folding because I had obligations...I actually didn't even get all the gifts I had planned made and had to give people 'older' not personalized creations (the shame) because my hands just died. I couldn't move them, silly crab hands! At this time I also learned I can no longer play most the video games I like *sniffles, I miss you Mortal Kombat* and that I can make Perler Bead creations with no pain in my hands. Win some, lose some.

So right now I am far away from all my Origami, my store is on vacation (just like me!) and when I return I will have a little closing down sale to let all my origami find new homes. After that I will take all my star paper and regular paper and secure it in a nice little (ok, actually pretty big) box and send all my jars (except for a few that I really like) to the glass recycling. When (I say when and not if because I STILL HAVE HOPE!) my hands get better I will fold my stars up and make modular creations of awesome. Maybe I will still work on my 1,000 cranes and my wish will be for my hands to go back to the way they were before my RA jerked them over.

Of course my other shop, TheMeltedGeek will not be closing, I have spent this vacation making and coming up with lots of new things to add when I return.


  1. I hope you will be able to make origami again.....but I love your Perler creations also!