Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Life!

So I did it, I finally decided what to do with myself. It was exceptionally hard because I have too many interests but no idea what I wanted to do with them. I dabbled in the medical field with dreams of Pathology when I was in high school, paralegal while I was in college (all the while dreaming about Astronomy) and then settled on owning a jewelry business because I had to do something!!

Ok not entirely true, I loved making jewelry and sharing it with the world, I just kinda hated the promoting and business aspect of it, so much that I cannot even look at jewelry without cringing a little bit anymore.

I debated Mycology but decided that was not the best idea...too much schooling and not a big enough job market (plus I would probably have to take my graduate studies in Europe, not cool) which is odd since mushrooms will take over the world.

There is always the love of Meteorology, but again lots of school and no one would take me seriously...I am looking  at you half the people I know that laugh at/ ignore me when I am talking about the weather, you all suck.

Tea Sommelier? I am not sure my taste buds function correctly because of my Sjrogren's Syndrome...same with Computer Tech, I don't want to rely on my hands being functioning because that has proved to be rather dumb.
Because my purse's teaspoon needs its own whimsical pouch

So what then? I have decided I am going to be a super productive, self sufficient housewife....err....house-girlfriend for now I guess. Last night I sewed something for the first time and it felt like everything clicked, one of those delightful epiphany moments. And it was not just overcoming my fear of the sewing machine eating me! I want to be one of those women that cooks all the yummy meals, can and dry fruits and veggies, make jams and pickles, make all my own clothes and stuff. Maybe even do some gardening...but probably nothing more than a small porch garden for herbs because....I hate gardening with a passion.

Does this mean I give up on all my other dreams? Hell no! I will still go to parks and lead mushroom hikes and maybe even put out my field guide! I still plan on getting certified as a tea taster and write blogs about my love of tea...maybe I will write a book on that too! One day I will go storm chasing and I will always obsess over weather...and I am going to learn the basics on computer repair so I can fix/build my own machines. I think this will work best with my health and whimsical temperament.

Now I just need to buy my own sewing machine! Also this puff for my cats now exists...so they know I have not forgotten them ^_^

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