Sunday, August 18, 2013


I have not been updating lately, but it has been because I have been busy with visiting my mom in Pennsylvania. I ended up staying much longer than intended!

I have tried lots of teas, made lots of perler bead creations, bought some amazing things, and just had a grand time reconnecting with friends and family. I could have written more, but I don't like making updates without photos...and I have been SLACK on the photo front!

My plan is to return home before the end of this month where I am thinking of 'reinvinting' this blog to my current passion. (Ok, it is far from current...but my way of appreciating it has upgraded) who would be interested in seeing this blog turn into tea the Creeper Tea and the Cameron's Green Passion posts. I plan on also reviewing my various tea pots and other tea tools.

And don't worry followers who read my stuff for crafts and nerdy stuff, I will still write about that because this blog is about things I am passionate about!

And now I leave you with this Ghast


  1. I have enjoyed your visit also and we need to get more pics. I think reviewing and talking about your tea love will be fun. I know I will enjoy reading about it and I love reading about all of your passions, experiments, experiences, dilemmas......and so forth. Just PLLLLLLLeeeeeeaaaaase keep writing your blog.....

    1. In a perfect world I would write everyday, but I certainly plan to write more often ^_^ So don't worry about that.