Saturday, September 7, 2013

Adagio's Chestnut Tea, a Tea Review

Today we...and by we, I mean mostly me, are reviewing one of Adagio Tea's holiday teas, the nutty and evocative of winter: Chestnut tea! It is only moderately an oven outside at the moment so I deiced to review this tea outside, maybe if I am outside with this wintry tea summer will hurry up and go away.
Can you smell the Chestnuts? Scratch and sniff!

The aroma of this tea is you guessed it, nutty! It definitely smells like roasted chestnuts, sadly it also smells just a slight bit burnt. There is also a pretty powerful sweetness, which is perfect because chestnuts are sweet and man do I want some right it winter yet? When I smell this tea it instantly transports me to a cold night curled up in front of a fire munching on chestnuts and drinking hot tea. I swear I have done that, just usually the fire is a space heater.
A hornet was stalking me, I may have poured too much

After brewing the tea the burnt smell disappears and turns into a nice, mellow, roast. Almost evocative of a really high quality coffee (but again, nuts). There are also notes of malt, sweetness, and nuttiness along with the rich aroma of the base tea. Enough sniffing, it is time for slurping!
The sky!! It is in my teacup!!

The taste is nuts! Ok, puns aside, you can certainly taste the chestnut. With almost all nut flavored teas there is a slight astringent aftertaste which I find very pleasant, but that could be because I love nuts with a passion only equal to my love of tropical fruits. The roasted flavor is very rich and it again, ever so slightly evokes coffee to me (specifically Sumatra Mandheling) but is subtly sweet which coffee usually is not. If anything this tea makes me want chestnuts even more, which is not a bad thing. The base tea is very smooth and like most the base black teas that Adagio uses in their flavored blends, is subtle enough to hold the flavor but does steal the show. This tea is definitely going on my seasonal shelf (I have one of those, right?) for winter or late autumn.

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  1. Yum! This tea sounds like a perfect tea for chilly fall and cold winter nights.
    You did sit by a fireplace, drink tea and eat chestnuts when we lived in Atlanta, Hidden Lakes and Boston Commons. You were just a little girl and your tea was usually an herbal blend.