Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Della Terra: Lime Chiffon, A Tea Review

The delightfully Autumn themed weather seems to be taking a turn for the warm again, Ben warned me that there would be one last blast of Summer, looks like he was right (grumble, grumble) so to celebrate I want a very Summery flavored tea for today. I am not sure if Lime Chiffon is one of those 'classic Southern desserts' that I encountered in my youth, or if it is just a dessert I had in the South, but conveniently all the recipes I am reading are written by people from Georgia. Coincidence?
Why hello there pretty leaves!
 So yes, you guessed it, today's flavor if Lime Chiffon by Della Terra, a delightful mix of Rooibos, Lime Flavors, Lime Pieces and Bits (hehe, bits), Cream Flavors, and Lemongrass. It is certainly a very colorful tea, which I always enjoy. The aroma is distinct, I mean Holy Lime Chiffon, Batman! Did someone steal my leaves and replace them with Lime Chiffon while I was not looking? Richly creamy and delightfully limey (as in limes, not British people) and just decadent. Pardon me I seem to be drooling a bit.

While the agony of the leaf is happening (does that still count with a tisane?) the aroma just fills up the room and makes me incredibly hungry. The steeping leaves manage to smell even more rich, creamy, and limey than the leaves and it is very distracting. The liquid smells very sweet and has a rich earthiness from the Rooibos that plays off the lime really well.
I really need a basket that can handle the Rooibos particles
I have Lemongrass apprehension, I really dislike Lemongrass but I have the motto of 'will try everything' and have been pleasantly surprised more times than not. Steeling my nerve and taking a sip...and unsurprisingly it tastes exactly like it smells! So much lime dancing with sweet creaminess and a rich earthy undertone. No lemongrass at all, some might say that is bad, but I do not notice it at all (or it might blend so perfectly that it just not stand out.) This tea is very sweet, adding any sweetener to this tea would make it saccharine, it is a true dessert tea. If you close your eyes while drinking it, you can almost taste the crust.


  1. I want some NOW! You make me want so many of the teas. I feel like I am drinking them with you, because your descriptions are so well written. But after I am finished reading I am ready to actually sit down and have a cup or two or three or four.... of the tea your review. I get so much pleasure from your reviews.

    1. I plan on ordering a sampler set in the future from Della Terra, maybe I will select Lime Chiffon and send you some. Apparently they are a central PA company, maybe you are close to them and they have shop you could visit. I am glad you enjoy my reviews so much, your comments (and grandmama's as well) certainly make my day!