Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Earth Tea: Superfruit White Tea- Mangosteen with Mango, A Tea Review

I apologize for a lack of review yesterday, I was sick as a dog and weak as a newborn kitten. I will spare the details, but lets just say I spent more time on the bathroom floor than I prefer. I was in no shape for writing or drinking tea so my poor blog got neglected for a day, I missed it. Today's tea come straight from my happy tea notebook since I am just playing it safe drinking warm honeyed water for now, a white blend featuring two of my favorite fruits.
Don't mind me, just tearing into the teabag wrapper
Superfruit White Tea- Mangosteen with Mango by Good Earth Tea is made from a yummy combination of ingredients; White Tea, Rosehips, Natural Mango Flavor, Blackberry Leaves, Mangosteen Peel, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Star Anise, Mangosteen Extract and Grapeseed Extract. The aroma of this teabag is deliciously sweet and as expected, very fruity. The mangosteen smells syrupy and the mango gives a tropical and musky undertone indicative of mangoes. Sadly I do not pick up any aroma of the tea itself, or any of the other ingredients, just the heavy aroma of tropical fruit. Ok, really though, I am not complaining since these are two of my favorite fruits (as stated earlier).
Once I place the teabag into the water the room is instantly transformed into a tropical fruit basket. It is incredibly sweet smelling, almost too much so. I worry that drinking this tea will be like drinking the fruit syrup that canned fruits are kept in, tasty if you are craving it, but not good as a tea. I think this has to be the sweetest smelling tea I have ever had the honor of sniffing.
Looks like Mangos
Enough steeping and time for the sweet tropical goodness. Or not. This tea is not at all sweet! I feel slightly betrayed after all that syrupy build up. The taste is a blend of tart and herbaceous, a mixture of chamomile and what I can assume is Bai Mu Dan since it tastes similar to its flavor profile. There is also a very mild woodsy taste which blends well with the chamomile and white tea flavors. The aftertaste is that of mangosteen which is better than none at all. It might seem like I am being unfairly disappointed, but that aroma was so intensely sweet and for the taste to have no sweetness at all really does feel like a letdown. The flavors in a vacuum without the aroma to compare it to are not bad, nothing too spectacular though.


  1. Did you try it later with a bit of sweetener? To me the aroma and the flavors sound lovely,it is just missing that bit of sweet flavor to justify the aroma.

    1. Oddly no, usually I sweeten teas like this (I bet honey would have been tasty!) but this was my first tea of the morning and after getting my tasting notes down I chugged it because THIRSTY. Hehe, I will have to get more and try it with some honey. I bet it would be decent as an iced tea.

  2. Absolutely love mangosteen tea as it reminds me of my childhood in rural Thailand. Mangosteens are the Queen of fruits.