Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meet My Tea Tools

So instead of a review today, I thought I would introduce all of my tea stuff. This will be a kind of review and also a kind of just fun blog. Also Happy Mid Autumn Moon Festival to those who are into that kind of holiday. Sadly the mooncakes are too expensive and the sky is full of storms, so no moon viewing for me, sorry Chang'e!

Love those colors, thanks mom!

First up is Aladdin wearing his lovely sweater crocheted by my mom, it doesn't really need one since it is double insulated, but I like the way it feels in my hands. This portable tea drinking aparatus is wonderful, it has saved me so much money meaning I can spend the money I normally would at a restaurant on tea...on tea. PRIORITIES!
did I ever mention I hate electric stoves?
Presenting the Flying Dragon! I didn't name it, that is the tea pot's actual name, at least the calligraphy on its lid says Flying Dragon so it works. Technically this is not my tea pot since I bought it for Ben's love of Earl Grey but found it is great at heating up the water and is equally good at keeping that water hot.
note to self, cast iron is heavy 
Not as good as this glorious tea pot! I was lucky enough to find it at a thrift store (like most my stuff actually) and was so pleased because long ago I had a Tetsubin and it had to go away. I missed it so, it was my first teapot and one of the things that really helped get me into tea drinking. I jokingly call this a TARDIS because I swear it is bottomless at times.
so clean and white!
Meet Dribbles! I love the simplicity of this tea pot, it is the PersonaliTEA pot by Adagio and it is great for a double cup of tea kind of day. Plus it fits perfectly on my electric warmer so on days I have no desire to get out of bed and need my  tea it is perfect. Except it drips, it drips like mad. I need one of those fancy drip shield that looks like an orange slice. It is tragic that this extremely convenient teapot has a drip problem, especially when Espeon goes after the spout drips. Ugh.
This is the most recent acquisition, a treasure from freecycle! I have a pair of these beautiful teacup saucer sets decorated with the color blue and fish, two of my favorite things. They are hand painted and from Vietnam, originally from Ten Thousand Villages, and they are so pretty. I am waiting to get my hands on a Vietnamese tea to break them in properly.
Octopus approved
This next beauty was a gift from my mom, another amazing thrift store find. Little known fact, I am a sucker for celadon ware, it is one of my favorite colors for ceramics. Also, as featured in the photo, it has a crab embossed in the cup, and I adore sea life. This is a perfect tasting size cup, the shape just feels perfect in my hands.
Love those colors!
The tea set of total obviousness!! I only say that because the calligraphy is for tea is dead smack in the middle of the teapot. I love this set, it was a welcome home gift after spending the summer away, from Ben. The awesome part about this beauty? It features a mesh basket and a spout filter, also it doesn't drip and the handle is on the top. My favorite teapots have handles on the top because I am not as likely to drop them.
Not sure why it has the white film :(
Possibly the greatest treasure in my collection, my Yixing pot. This tiny beauty hold enough for a cup, or two fairly small cups, and has been seasoned for Oolongs. Specifically Tie Guan Yin (because of course, it is my favorite tea.) I still need to translate what the calligraphy says, but on the other side it has bamboo, I love that there is a maker's seal both on the bottom and on the lid. I want everyone to imagine the amount of noise I made when I found this at a thrift store, there was serious fan girl squeeing.
there is a sunflower design
This might be the oldest item in my collection, and it is very special to me. Years ago when I was a jeweler and on etsy I was active in the trading community, a fellow artist (in this case a potter) fell in love with one of my necklaces and offered to design me a mug based on the feel she got from looking at my jewelry. This beautiful mug was the result! I don't use it as much since I want to see my steeping tea colors, but Ben loves it for his teas.
yes, you can hug utensils
This was another one of those I made so much noise I am surprised I didn't get yelled at incidents. I found this on sale at a grocery store, a Gongfu set...I have wanted one for a couple years now because I am a sucker for TOOLS!!!

Ah, there are plenty more tools in my arsenal I could show off: sugar and cream sets, tons of baskets and tea balls, other tea pots, lots of other cups and mugs, tea storage, electric tea kettle...and not to mention I am always hunting more. Maybe I will do a part two someday! I hope you enjoyed, more tea reviews tomorrow!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to the part two someday.

  2. I love your site! And tea. ;) I wish my collection was as vast as yours. ~ Washi (SB)