Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Upton Imports Nepal Tea Flowers, a Tea Review

I am home now and so the tea reviews will commence, starting with this one! I was lucky enough to not only try a new tea but also try a new tea set! This lovely set was bought for me by my sweetheart from my favorite Asian market. Of course we had to test it out as soon as we got home.

Today I am reviewing Upton Import's Nepal Tea Flowers, yes, that is correct Tea Flowers and not Flowering Tea. These beautiful dried flowers are from the Camellia sinensis plant and so they still count as a tea (I think) and not a tisane (I think) and have about a quarter of the caffeine. This is good when you factor in how much I drank while reviewing this tea.

The aroma of the flowers is delightfully subtle and mild while being full of character. At first it has the typical sweet and woodsy aroma of dried flowers, especially dried chrysanthemums or straw flowers. It reminded me of walking into an herb shop that actually has the plants drying from the rafters and was very nostalgic.

The aroma of the brewed flowers is at first still evocative of dried flowers, especially straw flowers. Then the smell gets richer the more you inhale it. It reminded me of the smell of a mountain spring rushing over rocks with the slight smell of vegetation. It is sweet and slightly mineral with a hint of moss.

The flavor is wonderful! It was so good I could not stop drinking it. The taste is not at all floral, it is honey sweet with a hint of autumn squash. There are also notes of allspice, sweet muskiness (very evocative of Scuppernongs, one of my favorite things the South ever produced) and a very light mineral aftertaste. There is absolutely no bitterness. The most amusing thing about this tea is that the more it cools the sweeter it gets, I let one of my cups reach room temperature and it tasted like I had a dollop of honey added to it.

I bought a sample on a whim and will certainly be buying more soon, I recommend trying these Tea Flowers out, they are almost too delicious for words.


  1. Oh my these Tea Flowers sound delightful! I must try!!!! Thank you!

    1. Maybe I can get you some next time I order more of them. Now I regret not getting some of those teas from Upton when I was visiting.