Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn, a Photo Blog

I am just feeling too awful to properly write about tea today, my most sincere apologies. I would much rather be blogging about tea than staring vacantly at my notebook trying to form coherent thoughts, but since I like to get blogs out daily and this cold thing has already claimed a few days, here are some photos! They are all a bit old from my time living in Pennsylvania, sadly living in Kansas City means there is not really an Autumn. At least not the way it is in the mountains. So here is a little nostalgic eye-candy to help me remember more beautiful (and less sick) days and for all of you to enjoy.
Nothing like a handful of milkweed seeds!

I really enjoy forest floors full of moss

'Tis the season!

Seriously the best mail ever

Fluff pile!

Beautiful contrasting colors, so vibrant.

I hope you all enjoyed and I hope I am well enough to blog about tea tomorrow. If not, anyone have any requests on subject matter?