Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Buddha's Herb: Green Tea: A Tea Review

Today is Columbus day, I do not like Columbus day because it means there is no mail, meaning my nice expected packages are just sitting at the post office instead of arriving in my greedy clutches. Also Ben's college didn't get a day off so that also made me sad. No matter, the day is almost done (well for some, I am rather nocturnal) and tomorrow I will have mail, for now though, there is tea!

The people at Buddha's Herbs were kind enough to send me a sample of their Green Tea to review and I have to admit when I saw the ingredients of this tea I was intrigued. Green Tea with Chamomile, Thyme and Peppermint? Sounds like fun, and full of health benefits, but I have a confession: I do not drink tea for the health benefits, I drink it for the sensory pleasure. So, let us start with the olfactory analysis! The first thing I notice is the mint, as per usual with a tea containing mint its aroma is almost always the first thing that pops up. After the initial minty blast I start to notice a straw like aroma from the chamomile and a nice herbaceous note from the time, there is also a nice bit of vegetal from I assume the Green tea. I also noticed a hint of dill which made me think of pickle spices and makes me want to eat pickles.
Herb bits!
Once I give the tea bag a nice hot bath the mint aroma calms down and the chamomile like straw aroma becomes more prevalent. The thyme is still present and very pleasant and mixes well with a mild green aroma. I am glad the mint is a little more calm since I was worried it would overwhelm. The tea still has a strong savory aroma, which I like.

This tea is very refreshing! The taste is a touch herbaceous and a tiny touch sweet. Luckily the mint is mild allowing the other flavors to shine through, and those flavors are rather herbal. The green tea adds a touch of  mild vegetal (and I mean really mild) so mainly you taste the chamomile and to a lesser extent, thyme. As the tea cools the mint becomes stronger, giving it a cooling quality. I certainly think this tea would be great after a rich meal or on a hot day to cool you off, I think it would be good iced as well.


  1. This sounds like a very interesting tea. Thank you for the review.

  2. I have some extra if you would like some ^_^