Thursday, October 31, 2013

Della Terra Teas: Blueberry BOO! A Tea Review

Happy All Hallow's Eve everyone, it is my favorite holiday of the year because it is centered around some of my favorite things: pumpkins, ghosts, monsters, candy, more pumpkins, and select gourds. Obsession with pumpkins aside, this holiday has a lot of spook in it, lots of haunting and booing, in fact I am wearing a white sheet with eye holes cut out as I type this. Ok, no I am not, I would be if there was a white sheet in this house but a golden ghost or one with stupid patterns would be embarrassing. Ghosts are meant to be white, or maybe pale, ectoplasm blue. Just like the ghosts of blueberries!
My Tea is haunted!
Yes, blueberries have ghosts, how else would we have Blueberry Boo! by Della Terra Teas? (which they have run out of *tears, I wanted more* but there are other spooky teas) OH, apparently there are ghosts AND blueberries, well that changes everything. I like having ghosts in my tea! Along with adorable little sugar ghosts there is also Black Tea, Dried Blueberries, Blueberry Flavor, and Mini Chocolate bits. Yes this tea immediately made me think of my beloved Boo Berries cereal, the love of blueberries, chocolate, ghosts, and tea was too much for me. I had to have some of this tea! The aroma is sweet and fruity! Very obviously a blueberry tea, luckily the blueberries smell fresh and sweet and not at all tart like some much hated by me blueberry teas. In the pouch the aroma of chocolate is very faint but once I poured some out for photography purposes the chocolate was much stronger and blended wonderfully with the blueberries. There is no ghost aroma, but that is not necessarily a bad thing because ghosts tend to smell musty.
Ghosts or steam?
Time to turn the ghosties into liquid ectoplasm (no, not Ectocooler) with a bit of hot water. The aroma is much more chocolaty and malty, I would describe the 'tea' aroma as bright, not outshining the flavors but not disappearing under them either. The blueberry is not as strong and comes in as an afterthought. The liquid sans leaves is sweet and creamy with note of malt and a hint of chocolate. I do not detect any blueberries (or wandering haunts) but as I wait for it to cool enough to drink I notice the chocolate becomes less of a haunting and more of a full body apparition.
Best tasting poltergeist ever
The taste is mild and bright, it really lights up the mouth with its Black Tea quality while still maintains its mild, smooth aspects. It is sweet and malty with an initial chocolate taste. Sneaking in like a phantom is the blueberry, it is faint at first and then as the tea cools (hey, just like when ghosts show up!) the blueberry becomes much stronger and sweeter. This tea is pleasantly sweet on its own, but if you want a real kick adding a bit of sugar and cream makes for a treat that is phantasmagorical, also the color is more ghostly so that is a plus. I have certainly learned that if this tea comes back next All Hallow's Eve I am going to need to stock up because I went through my supply of it really quickly.


  1. Oh that was a boootiful review! Too much? Hehe, I plan on haunting you about this review for awhile.It was so spooktacular!
    Teasing aside I enjoyed this review so much, perfect for today!

    1. Hehe, your puns made me giggle...which woke the cat in my lap...oops.

  2. What can I say? Any comments I would make would sound so ordinary and commonplace after this brilliant discription of what is obviously a wonderful tea. Thank you for your entertaining and discriptive posts. Hey, calling all tea suppliers, manufacturers, distributors,etc., wake up and get on board, Get this girl to write all descrptions on all the bags for your teas. Who could resist buying any tea after reading her revues? This was so good and entertaining . Thank you for this delightfully bright spot in my day