Friday, October 25, 2013

Minecraft Halloween Texture Pack

Yep, still too sick to function properly so I spent my day playing Minecraft. When I signed in I noticed there as a new texture pack (I should mention now, this is on the Xbox 360 version) that is geared towards Halloween...and best part it, it is FREE! Free things make dirt poor gamers like me very happy. I decided to get into the All Hallows spirit by taking a few shots of the texture pack to show off. There are some things I really like: the lava is clearly Ectocooler, the cats, the stone having skulls, the sheep being mummies, and the Creepers being ghosts. There were some things I was not fond of: Endermen being Slenderman (I really am not a fan of Creepy Pasta stuff) the Zombie Pigmen being Samara from The Ring, and the End being made of brains. But enough yammering, onto some pictures!
Oh no, I woke the Strawman!

So not surprised when this pig did not drop any porkchops :P

No matter how bad things are, it will be ok, because Ghasts are pumpkins now

Is the Slime a blob of Ectoplasm?

I created the Monster! 

I love you Creeper Ghosts, the fact that they hover is the best thing 

Iron Armor looks like a witch's costume, too cool!

Skeleton Cat, ghost Cat, and Black Cat, a perfect combination!
Thank you 4J Studios for another awesome texture pack! I cannot wait to see if there is one for Christmas! As per usual, hopefully I will feel well enough to blog about tea tomorrow and also my sense of taste will be back too!


  1. While not a Minecraft player, the Creeper Ghosts look very cute!

  2. Minecraft on Xbox 360 is getting into the spirit of the season with a Halloween-themed texture pack. Minecraft Servers