Monday, October 21, 2013

Red Leaf Tea: Caramel MATCHAccino, A Tea Review

You all probably know by now that I like trying new things, especially if they are unusual or outside of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to foods and drinks. When I was window shopping for new teas to try I ran across Red Leaf Tea a company that specializes in fancy flavored Matcha. I admit, I did a double take, flavored Matcha? I have never heard of that but I was immediately intrigued, especially when I saw the awesome sale the flavor I am reviewing today was having. I had to try it and see what I think about flavored Matcha.

Caramel MATCHAccino  is a fancy blend suitable for making Matcha Lattes (I admit I am a barbarian, this is my favorite way to drink Matcha) all I need was milk, ice, a blender, and whip cream. sadly I did not have any whip cream and I loathe ice in things (too cold, my teeth are super sensitive to that) so I just whipped up a milky blend. Before I get to the blending I should describe the aroma when I open the bag, and what an aroma it is! Intensely sweet caramel aroma just wafts up and gently slams you in the nose, and I say that as a compliment. With just the powder I do not smell much in the way of Matcha, just caramel sweetness.

Adding the milk and mixing it up the aroma becomes more like caramelized sugar rather than caramel candies, which I prefer actually. I had an incident when I was younger involving a tub of caramel sauce and just can not find the same pleasure as I once did. There is also more of a Matcha aroma as well, fresh and green and very distinctive. One of my favorite smells!

First I am going to try the drink cold since you can have it both ways (woohoo! versatility!) first thing I notice is creamy sweetness and then Bam! Matcha flavor! The taste is grassy and green and the caramel is like caramelized sugar. In fact I would say that this drink tastes like a Matcha flavored Flan! I need to make one of those now. I should also note that this drink feels really good on my sore throat.

Next is warm. I should apologize for the photo, I was a good ways into drinking it before I realized I forgot to take the blasted thing. The first thing I notice is that the aroma is much creamier and even more like a Flan. The taste is very rich and creamy, I would go so far as to say decadent. The taste of the Matcha is much more distinct and the sweetness takes on a burnt sugar taste and a bit of sugar cookies as well. I am not sure which of these versions I prefer since they are both really good! My first foray into flavored Matcha was a success and I am certainly intrigued to try some of my favorite flavors mixed with Matcha. Anyone want to take a guess at which flavor I am most likely to try next?


  1. Yum is all I can say! Matcha Flan sounds decadent indeed!

    1. I will have to send you some of this when I send you your teacups, I have a ton of it :P