Saturday, October 12, 2013

Single Origin Teas: Idulgashinna Ceylon Green Organic, A Tea Review

This is a super late blog for me, but I was so distracted earlier! It was one of those days where I felt overwhelmed by stuff to do and just life, but I was given a gift of thunderstorms by nature so that made things much better. Now that the world is quiet I can focus on writing my daily review! Today I am reviewing a tea that was sent to me by the lovely Single Origin Teas, a company that loves to supply teas from all around the world, plus they have awesome recyclable bags made from recycled paper. Awesome!
Such beautiful leaves!
Idulgashinna Ceylon Green Organic is a Green tea from the Uva region of Sri Lanka, a region that is more known for its Black teas. I tried a Green Ceylon a few months ago (It made a really good iced tea) and was excited to try this one, I was very surprised when I noticed the teas were completely different, exciting! The aroma is very mild and green, like fresh grass and citrus leaves. Similar to Ceylon Black teas it has the slightly tangy, citrus aroma that makes them very brisk and invigorating, but it brings in a floral aroma similar to orange blossoms.

Once I put these beautiful leaves in their nice sauna the aroma takes on a slight chestnut aroma that mixes with a bit of an artichoke aroma. There is still the hint of orange flowers but it is a bit of a whisper at the end, like a breeze bringing in a distant blooming flower's aroma through an open window. Once the leaves have been removed (they are still really lovely to look at) the liquid has a sweet aroma with a bit of a tangy citrus note. I do not notice any real vegetal aroma in the liquid, it has stayed in the leaves.
Liquid color description: Ethereal
Surprise! I love surprises and the taste is certainly a pleasant one. The taste is honey sweet with citrus notes, the website states that the taste is reminiscent of Lychee and I completely agree (I should note that I tend to not read the tasting notes on teas before I taste them, the power of suggestion might taint me!! I just noticed this when I added the above link and thought it was awesome). There is a slight note of floral, it is orange blossom and very light, finishing with a tiny bit of the astringency that compliments the other flavors really well. There is a floral aftertaste that finishes the whole experience with a smile. As the tea cools the aftertaste becomes vegetal and less floral. This tea has a very fascinating quality where it is intensely delicious while still being very mild, I really enjoy it and I think it will help when I am craving Lychees and cannot find any fresh ones.


  1. I love the sound of this tea. The lychee taste would be so nice when you are having a stressful day. It sounds light and refreshing which would relax me. Yum

    1. It is a really yummy tea, I like it better than actual lychee tea :)