Friday, October 18, 2013

Single Origin Teas: White Monkey Chinese Green, A Tea Review

I have learned something very important the last two mornings, Nitrous Oxide (or Laughing Gas to some) is a god-send when you are having a ton of Dental work done. Especially when your body decides to have a panic attack for no reason (I blame my sleep schedule flipping back to diurnal and resulting insomnia). As soon as I found out that it was free I was hooked up and drifting off, thanks to that I was able to have all my bottom teeth fixed and only have one more visit left. Mad props to my dentist for knowing how to deal with a patient who has TMJ Disorder and Sjogren's syndrome, it is nice to have all the work I put into my mouth recognized and that all the problems I have are not a result of poor hygiene. I am very happy that I can smile with pride and eat without tons of pain. But enough about my mouth, I have tea to review! Today's tea is one of my favorites from a company I am becoming rather enamored of with each of their teas I try.
So pretty!!
White Monkey Chinese Green from Single Origin Teas is a delightfully fuzzy tea. I reviewed a different White Monkey at the end of September and spent a large chunk of the review waxing poetically about Trichomes and how entertainingly diverse this type of tea is, I do really enjoy fuzzy teas. White Monkey fascinates me because it seems to have its velvety leaves straddling two worlds bringing the best characteristics of White Tea to a Green Tea. The aroma of this particular White Monkey has a touch of citrus sweetness that mixes with a paper like aroma I always associate with Pai Mu Dan. Yes, I said paper, trust me this is a huge compliment because I love the smell of paper, especially artisan Washi which is what I think some White Teas smell like. There are also very subtle notes of cedar and and fresh greenery.
Farewell fuzz, hello green!
It is time for the leaves to lose their fuzz and steep! The aroma of the steeping leaves is delightfully complex blending the delicate sweetness of citrus with artichoke and fresh greenery. The leaves lose their papery aroma and take on a more vegetal tone expected from a Green Tea. Once the leaves are removed the aroma of the liquid is sweet and vegetal mixing chestnuts and fresh spinach with a tiny note of green beans. The aroma of this tea is drool worthy, not just because the right side of my face is still numb, I promise.
My computer wanted to be featured in this photo
I have fuzzies in my mouth, I love trichomes so much, they really are so wonderful. I have heard some people (my mother for example) say that the trichomes in tea are a bit much and make you cough but I have never had this problem, the only problem with fuzzy teas I have ever noticed is sometimes it makes my mouth itch just a little. The taste is initially savory, blending artichoke with a hint of spinach. The aftertaste is honey sweet with a little bit of an orange blossom sweetness lingering in the back of the mouth for a few moments. As the tea cools it takes on more of a chestnut taste. I decided to give this tea a second steeping and noticed that it has even richer, the mouthfeel becomes buttery and the chestnut taste is much more prominent. I would have taken a photo of the slightly paler second steep, but I forgot to not drink it all first, whoops! I really enjoyed this tea, it is subtle and refreshing, a tea I wish to sip while sitting outside on a spring day or with a delicate dessert. Now, if you will all excuse me, I am going to go brew up some more of it!


  1. Yay for only one more visit to the dentist!
    Yes you are correct the moment I think of fuzzy tea I start feeling the tickle in my throat. Maybe it is psychosomatic, but it happens. The flavor and aroma sound lovely. I will have to give fuzzy tea another try sometime.

    1. I am excited for my last visit, then it will just be checkups as normal. I am not so sure it is psychosomatic because when I was there I gave you a fuzzy tea without telling you it was fuzzy and you kept saying it gave you throat tickles so it could be you are just sensitive to them. I know Ben is not fond of Silver Needle tea because it makes him cough too, so it seems to be a thing.

  2. Now that I have tried this tea, I am in love. The trichomes are not giving me any problems! Your description of this tea is perfect. After I tasted it and had my own opinion of the tea, I looked it up to see if you had reviewed it and well here it is and yep that is what I tasted, we just describe things differently. hehe