Monday, October 28, 2013

Tea Forte: Cherry Marzipan Green Tea, A Tea Review

After an absolutely abysmal weekend I seem to be finally on the recovery. If this keeps up I should be able to taste things again, and that will be a huge improvement (of course so will being able to breathe). In order to celebrate feeling a bit better I decided to do something constructive, before I visited my mom for the summer I discovered mice had nested in my stored stuff and this filled me with the dread of ruined things. After gloving and masking myself up I discovered they were the most polite mice in existence! They only shredded a magazine to use as bedding when they were in my books and didn't touch my plushies, regardless my plushies and cloth stuff needed a washing. The clothes line in the backyards has a copious amount of stuffed octopuses on it right now. Time for a tea review from my notebook! (So glad I logged so many!)

Today I am reviewing another tea by Tea Forte, Cherry Marzipan,a Green Tea blended with Rooibos, Cherry Flavoring, Raspberry Leaves, Almond Flavor, Berry Flavoring, Superfruit Berry Flavoring, and Acerola Cherries (all organic and natural flavorings). I love cherry almond as a smell, for years I used a soap that had that scent and so did my mom so to me it is extremely nostalgic. Instant happy aroma points! Oddly I have never had this combination as a food/drink, I love cherries, I love almonds, but never had them together so this tea excited me. The aroma is very VERY sweet, lots of cherry and almond. It is a great mixture of tart cherries and sweet, nutty almonds. The only problem is I do not smell any tea at all, you could have told me this was just a fruit tea and I would not be at all surprised.

Once the teabag is popped in its hot water bath and given a nice steeping the aroma mellows out a bit. It is still a sweet mix of almonds and cherries (with almonds being more prominent) but there is also a tiny hint of leafy green under all that sweetness. The blend is really smooth and is pleasing to my olfactory bulb.

This tea is surprisingly mellow and smooth! There is absolutely no tartness like some cherry teas can have, and no bitterness like some almond teas can have, bravo for a good blend! The almond is the most prevalent taste and the cherries take the back seat while a hint of hay like green peaks through. I wish the tea would have been a little sweeter, like marzipan and not just almonds, but that was easily rectified with a bit of sugar. There, now it tastes like cherries and marzipan with green tea. This tea is not bad, it certainly gets points due to the nostalgia factor, but I could see myself sipping on this tea when I want to drink tea without having to think about it.
Obligatory Thank You Cat
I also want to thank all my readers for being patient with me while I have been sick. It has been nonstop since I got back from my mom's with both sickness and medical procedures. I certainly hope this is the end of it and there won't be anymore breaks in my blogging.


  1. I am happy you are feeling better. This tea sounds delightfully sweet. It would be fun for a tea party I think.

  2. Oooh, this would be fun for a tea party! Especially if you have matching snacks and such.

  3. Glad you are feeling better! I really enjoyed this one and was surprised at how good it tasted even though it is a tea bag :)