Sunday, October 13, 2013

Teavivre: Chamomile Rose Silver Needle White Tea, A Tea Review

This has been a weekend of constant interaction, the extreme introvert that is me is having a bit of burn out and in response to that, probably getting sick. Of course sickness can be alleviated somewhat with copious amounts of tea drinking, long soaks in a hot bath, and not coming out of my room for a few days. Yet another reason I need an electric kettle. Today we are going to look at a soothing tea, one filled with flowers and fuzzies.
Whole blossoms and not just petals, so pretty!

Chamomile Rose Silver Needle White Tea by Teavivre is a beautiful tea blending Silver Needle from Fuding, Fujian, the chamomile is Winter picked in Sinkiang, China, and the roses are plucked in France during Autumn. When I saw this blend of tea and flowers I knew I had to try it, I was so glad they sent me a sample to try! The aroma is delightfully delicate and fresh, like flowers drying on a warm Summer day. I am not sure I have ever smelled a tea so evocative of the idea of Summer. The mix of heady rose and straw like aroma from the chamomile mixes very well with the dry, herbaceous aroma from the Silver Needle. Delicious and filled with the beauty of nature, that is a tea I will enjoy.
Even soggy, the flowers are still lovely
I love when I steep a tea and the aroma fills up the area I am in, it really heightens the tea experience and seems to make it last even longer than it would usually. The aroma is heavenly floral and herbaceous, the leaves take on notes of sage and thyme and are much stronger than the floral scents from the dry leaves. The liquid has very faint notes if sage mixing with the rose and chamomile aroma giving it a very clean feeling.

Time for the fuzzy trichomes to tickle my mouth, it is my favorite things about drinking Silver Needle tea. The taste is very clean and pure, it is a tea I would recommend drinking on a hot day or when you need a tea that refreshes you. I can certainly see myself putting this tea aside to drink when I feel feverish or too hot on the inside. The taste is also mildly sweet with a hint of the straw like taste of chamomile flowers, the Silver Needle carries on from the aroma and gives the tea a hint of a sage taste which blends well with the other flavors. But where is the rose you are probably asking, it is there at the end leaving a sweet floral aftertaste that will stay in your mouth for a few minutes. As the tea cools it becomes a little more sweet and a touch more floral. A very balanced and enjoyable drink filled with beautiful flowers.

*A long awaited announcement, I finally put my Origami Shop on sale before closing it. Most of the origami is gone and there is mostly my old One of a Kind Jewelry. The prices have been reduced significantly so they will find homes, keep in mind this is the last of my jewelry I will ever create. Most of the jewelry is here but some is also here. Neat little fact, any money I make will go to my 'buy my dream electric kettle' fund so I can brew tea on days I don't want to leave my room!*


  1. Such a pretty tea. I believe you deserve to be drinking a tea so pleasing.

    1. aww, thank you! I admit I felt a bit like a princess while drinking a tea with all those pretty flowers