Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Tearanny & Adagio Teas: Friendly Fire, A Tea Review

You all might remember about two weeks ago a little post surgery blog that I posted touting the beauties of Adagio Tea's signature blend function allowing talented people and devoted fans to create their own tea blends. You might also remember that I reviewed the first of three work in progress teas, The People's Blend and was thoroughly impressed by the blending skills of The Tearanny, well today we are back to review tea number two. I feel like I should apologize to The Tearanny, last tea I reviewed while on Vicodin and this one when I am slammed with insomnia and allergies, I promise when I write about the next one I won't be brain frazzled (or at least not more than usual!)
Spoilers: I need a better light source
Be prepared to be hit by some Friendly Fire by The Tearanny! An unusual blend of Pomegranate Green, Spearmint, Sour Apple, and Hibiscus inclusions, that sounds kinda crazy but also very intriguing. I think in the past I have made it very well known that I do not like tart things, it makes my salivary glands scream obscenities at me, I think it is because I overdosed on Warheads and Zotz as a kid, so I am a little worried that I won't like this tea because it has some killer tart ingredients. The aroma, not surprising at all, is very tart but also really sweet, similar to the way fresh rose hips smell. Or like a pomegranate (which is, I should add, one of the only tart fruits I actively enjoy). There is of course mint but it does not come and slap you in the face which each sniff, it just waves hello from amid the fruity tartness. This tea smells really good and does not scare me off with its tartness because it is balanced with fruity sweetness and mint. No longer intrigued but excited.
I see soggy flower petals!
The leaves are bathing and filling my little tasting area (which might be changing soon) with the sweet and bright aroma of spearmint. Once I remove them from their soak the leaves have the aroma of spearmint and apple, it very much so reminds me of a toothpaste I had when I was a wee little thing. The liquid has a sweeter aroma of fresh apples and pomegranate and very little mint. I am sitting here sniffing the steeped leaves and the brewed tea and they have two different aromas, almost like they came from two separate places. That is really fun when that happens, proving that tea can be very unpredictable.
I hope my new tea tasting location has better light
Holly Molly! My salivary glands just exploded from pomegranate tartness. The aftertaste is very sweet and the mint is just a hint. I felt like the mint was a friend who shows up at your house when you are sick with fresh soup, a very pleasant surprise that just sneaks in amid the sweet and tart. I was curious what happens when I add a little bit of sugar and doing so eases the tartness (just like putting sugar on a strawberry would) and brings out the apple flavor that had been hiding before. This tea is intense but also really well balanced, I am amazed at how well these flavors work together because I would have never thought to mix them up. All I can say is, Sir, you have some mad skills in the brewing department. Even though there was the initial salivary explosion I really enjoyed the flavor, I would definitely drink this tea again.
Thank you Sheena for taking photos of the calender! 
**Important note! The last few years I have given my friends and family a Tea Advent Calender and each year I add a new person to the list and since I am making them anyway I thought I might offer them for sale. Being an Advent Calender that means each day you get a new tea, either a tea bag or a nice little bag of loose tea, enough to make a cup (or in the case of Oolongs, at least two). Each day will have a nice handmade Origami envelope with a surprise tea goodness inside, except on Christmas where I usually include more than one. If you want to purchase one, it will be $20 (that includes shipping for the US, if you are outside the US it will be $25) and you need to place your order by Halloween since I would like to have these in the mail by November 15-18th.**


  1. The tea sounds fun! And I am so glad you are offering your Tea Advent Calendars for sale. I posted about it on FB.

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