Friday, October 4, 2013

The Tearanny & Adagio Teas: The People's Blend, A Tea Review

Post surgery Vicodin blog post, I had to do it, there is no way I could miss a golden opportunity to blog under these conditions. In case anyone is curious the surgery went from being a straight tooth extraction to an actual surgery, seems my tooth was a jerk. So poor little me is going to have a bruised and swollen face for the next few days, I will just tell people I fell off my unicorn or something like that. Quirkiness aside it is time to talk about one of my favorite things about Adagio Teas is their Signature Blend feature allowing tea blenders, artists, and geeks to come up with some pretty awesome creations.

One of my fellow tea lovers on Tumblr, The Tearanny, is one of those skilled tea blenders who really puts a lot into his designs. None of the 'ooh this looks good together, blend complete!' he actually tests his blends before making them available to the public, and that I respect. I (along with several others) were given the opportunity to test his blends, and here is the first of the three. The People's Blend is a mixture of Chocolate Chai, Blood Orange,  and Almond and I can certainly say it sounds delicious. This tea is hitting the nostalgia button hard, though I am having a hard time pinning down exactly what memory it is evoking, something from very early in life and happiness. The aroma is delightfully sweet, a touch of chocolate mixed with a generous portion of spices. There is also the citrus aroma from the blood orange that blends wonderfully with the spice and the chocolate. The aroma reminds me of Christmas because of my mom's love of spiced potpourri and my love of those chocolate oranges you smash and get slices. Yum!
Blood orange!
Once the tea is brewing the leaves take on a very dessert like aroma, it reminds me of a chocolate spice cake with a creamy orange glaze. There is also a slight floral note that sneaks in at the last minute, very subtle but very nice. Once the leaves have been removed and the liquid is examined with my nose I can safely say that it takes on a slightly sweeter tone.
The sun really lights this tea up!
I am about to give this tea the best compliment I have possibly ever given a tea, it is the best citrus blend I have ever tried (I guess not counting Earls, but bergamot is different). Usually I am not a huge fan of lemons or oranges in tea, it just makes them too tart and I am not a fan of things that are tart, my salivary glands yell at me for it. The People's Blend has some tartness to it, but it is gentle and blends very well with the spice and chocolate. It has its own sweetness but I was having a sweet tooth moment so I added just a touch more sugar and that really brings out an underlying creaminess that was not there earlier. There is also a lovely nutty aftertaste that lingers for a bit. For a tea that is a work in progress I can say that it tastes like a finished project, if I were to offer any advice it would be to accent it with cocoa nibs to bring forth more of the 'chocolate orange' taste. Color me impressed! I cannot wait till my mouth heals and I can try the other two, also consider this tea added to my shopping list when it gets released.


  1. Interesting tea infuser...I kind of like it.

    -Zefaniya (Follow me #17)

    1. Thanks! It is actually the steeping basket from tetsubin that I noticed fits perfectly into my glass mug!

  2. Sounds delicious. Chocolate and orange... mmm.... However, I'll just stick to the common teas to be on the safe side. purple24 (Swap-Bot Follow Me #17)

    1. Tragic! There are so many wonderful teas that are not really 'common' but the world of tea is massive so trying them all is probably impossible. (not that I am not going to try!)