Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Upton Tea Imports: Green Rooibos, A Tea Review

I have news, I got almost nothing accomplished last night and today because I stayed up all night watching Attack on Titan. Yes, I binged on an anime accidentally, I meant to watch the first episode and go to sleep but, next thing I knew it was 8 AM and I was on episode 19. In honor of not accomplishing anything I am reviewing a poor tea that was in the front of my log book that had been overlooked. This is what happens when pages stick together in a notebook, a poor little Rooibos gets ignored. Time to avenge you ignored tea!

Grass Clippings! I mean that as a compliment.
As some might know, I have a love-hate relationship with Rooibos, or more honestly some of the common things blended with Rooibos (I am looking at you, lemongrass,) so I was very excited to try this Green Rooibos by Upton Tea Imports. Since it is green that means that it has not been oxidized (just like Green Tea) and has even more antioxidants, which is apparently really good for one's health. The first thing I noticed about the aroma of these little leaves is how much like nature they smell like, just imagine standing in a field and you have it, I think I can even smell a slight breeze. There is a mild sweetness like honey and beeswax followed by a note of strawberries, it is very faint though. The main aroma is very reminiscent of fresh hay.

Time to steep! The leaves take on more of a floral aroma, like aster or chrysanthemum. It also has that very distinct Rooibos aroma but sweeter. The liquid takes on notes of pear and still has a delightfully floral aroma as well.
That is a really pretty color!
The taste is sweet, though not as sweet as the oxidized 'red' Rooibos that I am used to. It also lacks the floral chrysanthemum like taste that the other Rooibos has, which is probably my favorite thing about this tea. I do not dislike chrysanthemum, I just find that it tastes a little odd. It is very mild with subtle hints of pears and apples blending with an earthiness that I do recognize from its oxidized variety. How does it compare? Well I certainly like it, possibly more than just a straight Rooibos. I am not sure it would make such spectacular blends as red Rooibos though since it is not as sweet. I say give it a try if you only kinda like Rooibos and want to explore further with this plant.

Now it is time to snack, sip tea, and watch the last of Attack on Titan!


  1. I willing to give it a try. This Rooibos sounds like a nice recovery tea.

    1. I think I sent you some? Or Grandmama, I sent someone a little of this. It is good when you are recovering since it is so mild

  2. I can totally relate! I get carried away with things and next thing I know, the sun is coming up!

    Magena22 (swap-bot)