Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vemma: Verve! ParTEA, A Tea Review

When is a tea not a tea? When it is also an energy drink! "But Amanda," you are probably saying, "isn't most tea technically an energy drink?" Well yes, but in this case it is a tea themed energy drink, meaning it is LOADED with vitamins and caffeine. For the record I loathe energy drinks, those nasty carbonated, tasting like sweet tart, things that I occasionally chugged when I worked night shift, so when I was asked to review one that is made from tea and mango, and is not carbonated I was very excited to try it out.
CAN! It is a pretty color
Today is a good day to try an energy day since I have a serious case of the groggy, post sleeping meds, brain fog! I mean full blown stumbling around, grumbling at everything, DESPERATELY NEEDING CAFFEINE, groggies. So time to crack open my can of Verve! ParTEA by Vemma and give this thing a go. Made from a blend of Green Tea, Mangoes, Mangosteen, and a bunch of vitamins and caffeine, the aroma is very sweet! I can really smell the Mango and Mangosteen with just a touch of that sweet tart aroma you get in other energy drinks but only a touch. Luckily the aroma is more natural, those other energy drinks always smell like fruity paint thinner and leave me just a little worried after drinking them. There is also a note of citrus hiding under the tropical fruit aroma which tickles my nose.
I think I ingest way too many orange things.
Since this is an already brewed tea it is time for the tasting! Wow, that is super sweet! Reminds me of the cans of Mango pulp I use in cooking and insist on taking a few spoons out for my own mischievous purposes but with a more syrupy taste from the Mangosteen and of course a very citrus tanginess to is. Sadly it tastes nothing like tea, at all. If I did not know that it was made with green tea I would have never guessed that it had tea in it which makes me rather sad. There is a slightly odd vaguely medicinal aftertaste, similar to the one I get from my sublingual Vitamin B Complex supplements, and considering there is a lot of Vitamins B in this drink I can imagine that is what it is from. This is certainly great for an energy drink but not as a tea drink since it just tastes like fruit.

I was informed that this can also be drunk warmed up, so I decided to give it a try like that as well. Warming it up was not at all to my liking! Much better cold! Sadly it takes on that sweet tart taste that I loathe with energy drinks and is much more citrus heavy. Oddly the medicinal aftertaste has vanished completely when it is warmed up, so yay?

So did it work, well yeah. I am now perky and not growling at everything that I look at. Also the splitting headache I woke up with has decided to leave for now which I am certainly thankful for, it did give me a bit of heartburn but a lot of things do so don't take it personally. Apparently Vemma is one of those companies that is geared towards letting people have their own little business, which is great if you are any good at selling things. I am not, I mean have you seen the digital cobwebs in my art shop? Starving Artist Status achieved. If you are any good at selling things you might want to give them a look, or just check them out for a new and tastier energy drink.

Now, if you all will excuse me I am going to blast techno music and clean my room because ENERGY!


  1. At least it is a good energy drink!

    1. Indeed! Gave me the real kick I needed today! I think Dusty would like it if you guys ever run into it.

  2. Funny post! I'm not really one for energy drinks because I think they have too much of a chemical taste to it, but I never knew tea works for energy as well. I mean, I'd heard of it but I thought: "neh". So this post is really surprising. Learn something every day! :)

    Pouffia via Swap Bot

    1. Well, it depends on the tea! Some black teas pack quite the punch and Matcha is like drinking a cup of coffee (at least for me it is) but some teas are mellow and give you a nice relaxed focus. And I agree, energy drinks too taste to chemical, blech!!

  3. Hi Amanda! Greetings from Spain, I'm Angela (puchita) from Swap-bot, I'm glad of being your new follower and i hope keep in touch with you via our blogs.
    Wow, i Love your blog, I Love Tea and I am a TEA ADDICT, i know that i will love your blog and one thing i want to do in my blog is writing about tea... Your post is really funny and i am really happy of discovering you!


    1. Hello fellow tea addict! I have never met anyone from Spain, so that is very awesome. I am glad you discovered my blog as well!