Saturday, November 2, 2013

Adagio Signature Blend: Minecraft Skeleton Tea, A Tea Review

Happy first day of Minecon everyone, if you are one of the lucky ones who is there partying with all your fellow Minecraft obsessed people...I hate you. No, I kid, Minecon is in Florida this year and I hate it there so, I am enjoying the Livestream of all the panels. In celebration of the first day of Minecon I am going to review a tea devoted to one of my favorite mobs, the noble Skeleton.
Look what I found!
Minecraft Skeleton Tea is a Signature Blend on Adagio Tea designed by one SoggyEnderman. Yes, THAT SoggyEnderman (aka, me), and is one of several Minecraft themed teas that I have designed.
See, skeletons!
This tea is not full of skeletons, but does evoke the oh so stealthy archers, mixing White Peach (for their bleached bones), Almond Oolong (for their sounds that to me sound like almonds hitting a floor), and Vanilla Green (to celebrate the growing power of bonemeal). The aroma is very sweet, blending the fruity peach, creamy vanilla, and nutty almond. Under the initial flavors you can detect notes of papery white which I always associate with Bai Mu Dan. There is also a tiny floral note and a bit of vegetal green.

Once the skeleton gets a a good steeping, the aroma becomes more roasted oolong and rich almond. The peach and vanilla aroma fades leaving the almond to be prominent. The aroma is sweet and smooth with a touch of earthiness. Removing the skeleton from the water leaves tea that has a warm and sweet aroma. The almond is much more mellow with the vanilla become more of a presence. The peach is also there but it is more of an afterthought.

Time to drink the skelley tea (as Ben and I lovingly call it) there are no skeletons, bows, arrows, or other rare drops in this tea though, I should point out. Before I get into too much of an analysis of the flavor, I should point out that Ben loves this tea, Ben who dislikes most greens and oolongs and only mildly enjoys white teas. He is very picky with his tea drinking so him enjoying this tea was a huge feather in my diamond helmet. Bragging aside, the taste is initial sweet and warming, the first thing you notice is the almond and creamy vanilla. There is a slight undertone of peach that reminds me of cooked peaches in a cobbler, just without the spice. Under all those delicious flavors are notes of roasted oolong and a touch of papery white. As the tea cools it gets sweeter and a touch tart, more like a fresh peach, with a note of artichoke and sage. This tea is also pretty good iced, when it is iced it tastes mostly of peach with a tiny bit of vanilla sweetness. And now off to play Minecraft and brood that I am not at Minecon in a Creeper costume.

Also if anyone is interested in ordering a Tea Advent Calender you can find the info here. Last day to order them is the fourth of November since I will be buying all the supplies on the fifth.

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