Friday, November 15, 2013

Adagio Teas: Chocolate Chai, A Tea Review

It begins! My birthday weekend, ok it isn't until Tuesday but since Ben has school that day and everyone will be out of town next weekend, we are celebrating this weekend. No idea what all we are doing except going to the British Faire held by the Daughters of the British Empire local chapter. I plan on talking to them about joining, my dad was English and on my mom's side I can trace my genealogy back to English and Scottish royalty, I am a perfect candidate! A good way to start off the celebratory weekend is with a good chocolaty tea!

Chocolate Chai by Adagio Teas is a Chai blend featuring Chocolate flavored Ceylon tea, Cardamon, Ginger, Cloves and Cinnamon. The aroma is very chocolaty and reminds me a little of Xoclatl (Aztec drinking chocolate) with its blend of spices and chocolate. There are rich malty undertones and sweetness. This aroma is quite delicious, especially if you are craving some chocolate.

Once the tea is steeped the aroma becomes even spicier with the ginger and cinnamon being prominent with a touch of peppery spice. The chocolate is not as strong after steeping the blend, but there is still the malty aroma. The liquid without all the leafy goodness has a very sweet aroma with strong notes of chocolate and spices. No one spice stands out as dominant.

The taste perfectly hit the spot, creamy, spicy, chocolaty goodness! The blend of chocolate and spice makes for a balanced cup, I do wish that I could have a little bit more cardamon, but that spice is strong so I can see how getting it to be balanced would be a pain. The taste still reminds me of Xoclatl but with a bright tea taste instead of just the chocolate spice. Brewed with milk (whole milk in my case) and a bit of sugar this makes for an excellent chai with a chocolate twist.

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