Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tea Advent Calender Preparation

Yesterday was the final day to place orders for the Advent Calenders, meaning today I got to go supply shopping! I cannot tell you how great it felt to go to Michael's for craft supplies, especially paper, I am practically bouncing! This is going to be the first folding project I have worked on in almost a year and I have missed it immensely. I wonder if it is the excitement over crafting or the large Chai I drank that is causing my heart to race, I am going to say it is crafts.

Feel free to ignore the dice collection in the background :P

I thought since there are quite a few of you getting these calenders it would be neat to share my creative process with you all. First off, paper and envelopes! In the past I used this design for the envelopes and plain (yet colorful) Origami paper.
So nostalgic, this old design.

This year I wanted to do something new. The past envelopes were great for normal sized teabags, but now that they will be holding some unique, and in the case of some teas, larger leaves, I need a more flexible size for envelopes and sturdier paper. Plus, lets be honest, colorful paper is pretty, but not very thematic! I decided on scrapbook paper, it is not quite cardstock but it is much sturdier than Origami paper. I have quite a bit of experience with this stuff from all my modular origami projects, it is good stuff! The Recollections Sugar Plum Paper Pad has some great holiday designs in red and green, good Christmas-y colors.

For the envelopes I am debating two designs, this Origami envelope and this Origami Envelope, both look awesome, so I guess I will try one of each and see which works best with the paper and being stuffed with little bags of tea. Previously I was a lazy thing and just wrote a number on each envelope and called it a day, now true I am good at calligraphy, but for these I wanted consistency. I was originally thinking stickers but after looking at price and the ones that were available it turns out using a stencil and pretty metallic markers were the best choice. I especially like that the stencil set I chose has a teapot with 'tea' stenciled on it as its product design, auspicious! To seal the envelopes I was originally going to go with stickers (I really love stickers) but looking at designs and price I was discouraged because none really matched the paper I was going to go with. I went with a round Lever Punch and decorative 'craft tape' that is a perfect match for seals.

You probably notice in the back there is an orange Take Out box, well I might be using those for presentation. In the past I stuck the envelopes in a t-shirt box with some tissue paper and copious amounts of paper stars, but I saw the Take Out box and thought it would be a cute way to store them while waiting to open the next day's envelope. That is still a 'maybe' since I need to see if 25 envelopes will fit in one of them (and of course I will need matching colors), there will of course be Lucky Stars in the box as well, for added happiness.
Why yes, I do in fact have a lot of tea
Lastly is the tea, some of them will be teabags, but most of them will be loose tea in bags. Each bag will have the name of the company, the type of tea, and steeping instructions written on it. Each envelope will have enough tea for a cup, or in the case of some of the Greens and Oolongs, multiple cups so it can be a whole day experience.


  1. This is an amazing idea! I might have to whip one of these up for my sister but use it as a February sister love gift. She is JW so no Christmas for her but it would be a great little gift to give for a month filled with awesome.

    1. That would be really cool! I wonder if there is a 'tea month' I feel like I remember reading there was an Iced Tea themed month. That could be a tempting project as well.

  2. What a awesome ideal to do! I just sent out small gifts to 8 women for 4 days of the advent. When all packages get to the women from the other swappers they will have 24 gifts of gifts and 24 gifts of pampering. I so enjoyed doing that this year for the first time ever!
    Karen G.

  3. So fun to read this! I am in love with this project!

  4. How fun to read this! I love this whole idea!