Friday, November 8, 2013

The Persimmon Tree: Fruit Fusion, A Tea Review

Even though I feel like garbage with a Lupus flair in full bloom, I still managed to accomplish something today and that makes me immensely happy. I am almost finished with my room rearrange and massive reorganize meaning I have a tea tasting station at my craft area (so much better lighting than the kitchen) now I can tea and craft in peace. I am fairly reclusive so always having to be social in the kitchen was grating on my nerves, plus it meant I was a whole room away from my craft supplies, tragic! Once I am finished I will have to post some photos, but I can tell you it involves Octopus art, a jellyfish lamp, a magical electric firefly in a jar, and of course my various Minecraft loot, it is an area conducive to creativity.

Today I am going to review a fruity and colorful tea from The Persimmon Tree, Fruit Fusion. I was extremely lucky and won a tin of this tea in a contest run by fellow tea enthusiast The Cup of Life. The tea (or really Tisane in this case) is made from Strawberries, Rose Hips, Hibiscus Flowers, Applies, Orange Peel, Cherries, Lemongrass, and Sunflower Petals, some amazing ingredients and a few that I am notorious for not being a fan of.  The aroma is very sweet and super fruity, I love all the different fruits and can certainly detect the strawberries, cherries and apples. There is a tartness from the fruit (and hibiscus flowers) as well but it is not as strong as the sweet. The aroma vaguely reminds me of a fruity trail mix and is making me kinda hungry. Thankfully I do not smell any of the dreaded lemongrass, yay!

Giving the tisane a thorough steeping reveals an incredibly vibrant liquid, it is very red and reminds me of maple leaves. The aroma is very sweet, but it is also very tart, like a mixture of very tart cherries and fresh apples. There are also undertones of strawberries and citrus. The ruby liquid is very sweet, it has the aroma of fruit juice or maybe a wine-less Sangria. I can certainly say it smells delicious.

I am excited and a bit apprehensive to taste the tea, the aroma is sweet (which you all probably know by now I like naturally sweet things) but it is also tart (which, I really don't like at all...but yet I love sour) so if it is more sweet than tart I will be a happy Enderman. Nope, nope, nope, it is tart, crazy intense tart! That popping sound was probably my salivary glands exploding from the tartness. I have no shame in admitting I am adding some sugar to this tea because I really want to taste it, I just find that much tart painful. With the sugar it is still tart but much easier for me to drink, the taste is very fruity as expected. The strongest flavor that pops through is cherry followed by rose hips and a bit of strawberry. I am not a huge fan of this tea, it is certainly a great fruit blend and the flavors are really clear, I just don't like them. I gave a visiting friend who loves tart teas a cup of this and she loved it, so I can certainly say to this tea 'it's not you, it's me.' I will certainly have to try more from this company though, so stay tuned.

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