Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Tearanny & Adagio Teas: Bete Noire, A Tea Review

Things are moving along nicely with the Advent Calender, I have 70 of 200 envelopes folded, and that is just today! I think I should be able to get to at least half finished tonight and then finish the rest of the envelopes tomorrow. It has been hard, now that it is getting cold my very small, short-haired Espeon wants to be in my lap and keep trying to pull my lap desk with paper out of my lap so she can steal my warmth. Today I am reviewing the last of the teas I was sent to try by The Tearanny, the oh so skilled blender.
I really like the look of toasted mate leaves
So without further ado, here is Bete Noire (like the other two, a work in progress) by The Tearanny and Adagio Signature Blends. Created from Tiger Eye Tea, Toasted Mate Tea, and Cream Tea with Cocoa nibs this tea incorporates two of my favorite Adagio flavors and one I have never tried before, Toasted Mate. I have very little experience with Yerba Mate tea (or Yaupon and Guayusa, the other Ilex varieties) so I have no idea what it will add to the other two teas and cocoa nibs. The aroma is a touch chocolaty and a touch rich caramel with undertones of something roasted. It is very rich and also a tiny bit earthy, the last aroma that comes in as you pull the leaves away from your nose is the cream. This tea is very much so the aroma of a decadent dessert with an underlying earthiness, reminds me a bit of Tiramisu without as much coffee.
My camera seemed to erase the photo of the steeping leaves, so please enjoy this complimentary Friendly Creeper
Allowing the leaves to steep sends a nice toasted aroma around the kitchen. The leaves have a toasted aroma with a hint of coffee and an oddly spinach like aroma as well. There is also lots of caramel and chocolate in the leaves. The liquid has the aroma of sweet cream and rich chocolate with hints of earthiness, it seems that odd spinach aroma (which I am assuming is from the Mate) was left with the leaves.

The taste is mild and toasty at first with a sweet creaminess. There is also a bit of spinach and bitterness, again I am assuming this is from the Mate. As a middle of the mouth taste there is caramelized sugar and a tiny bit of chocolate. The aftertaste is creamy. There is no need for sugar in this tea since it has it own rich sweetness, I actually added a bit out of curiosity when I had only a small amount left in my cup and it made it taste fake sweet. Out of the three different teas I tried, this one was probably my least favorite. I really liked the Tiger Eye and Cream mixture and even the toasted taste at first, but the odd aftertaste from the Mate I could do without. I look forward to seeing what other blend TheTearanny comes up with!

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  1. This tea doesn't sound like an everyday tea, but it does sound like a tea I would like to drink once in awhile. I think I would like to drink it in the early afternoon for a pick me up. Thanks again for the wonderful reviews!