Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yogi Tea: Breathe Deep, A Tea Review

As you might recall, yesterday I took a walk in the frigid air to the store (for milk and hair dye, life's necessities) and I believe I picked up a new friend when I was out. Yes, there is a squatter in my lungs, a friendly little cold or some sort of irritant, meaning this is a perfect opportunity to test an herbal tea while taking a break from my spriting. The Perler inspiration bug has bitten very hard.
Can I just say I love the Paisley decor on the bags?

Today we are looking at Breathe Deep by Yogi Teas is a blend of herbs to support respiratory health and includes Licorice Root, Eucalyptus, Basil Leaf, Ginger Root, Cardamon Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Thyme Leaf, Elecampane Root, Peppermint Leaf, Mullien Leaf, and Natural and Organic Flavors. Opening the wrapper you get a nice slam in the face of eucalyptus, hello cooling fumes for my lungs! Mixing that aroma with mint and licorice it makes for a sweet blend with a very strong cooling effect for my sinuses and lungs, it is very refreshing. If you are not a fan of the aroma of eucalyptus and mint, walk away now because it is crazy strong!
Ignore the photobombing toast

Steeping the tea has turned my bedroom into a lung soothing sauna, or a jar of Vapor Rub. The aroma is mostly mint and eucalyptus but there is also an undertone of green, herbal aroma with a hint of savory herbs. It is certainly a good aroma for breathing in when you are unwell.
Slightly cloudy tea

Holy Mary Mother of Mudkips that is intensely sweet. I was not expecting that level of sweetness, it is the strange sweetness of licorice root that gives it an almost artificial taste, if you have ever chewed on licorice root you will immediately recognize that flavor. For once I actually wish a tea was less sweet, I really must be unwell...or it really is just that sweet. The mouthfeel is refreshing and cooling with a delightful tingling as it goes down. There is a medicinal aftertaste that is not very pleasant. I can certainly breathe easier, so it does its job, but the taste is not exactly pleasant. I am not sure if I actually need to drink this tea in the future, I think that breathing in the steam from the tea did most the easing of my lungs.


  1. Although this tea sounds very beneficial I would probably use it just for the steam. The licorice just sounds a bit too much for me.

  2. I absolutely love this tea! I can only buy it online now, no stores carry it around me. I find it to be delicious!

    1. I saw it in a cvs but only a specific one

    2. My favorite tea in the whole world! I have bags of it and it's wonderful when I'm feeling under the weather. Like right now.

  3. I don't know man, I have upper respiratory problems and to be honest this stuff it's kind of snake oil in my opinion. I've already had 4 cups today, suffering through the taste to try and ease my wheezing but I'm not having any luck.