Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013, A Retrospective

I know it is not exactly the end of the year quite yet, but I figured now is as good a time as any to look back at the year (using photos of course) and how it impacted me.

I discovered Minecraft, ok that is a lie, I knew about it for a while but a combination of a computer that refuses to play it (WHY!!!!!) and not being able to afford the Xbox version for a while meant that as per usual, I came kinda late to the party. I am not going to say that Minecraft changed my life, but I certainly am not going to deny it. I play it whenever I can, talk about it with anyone who will listen, make crafty things centered around it, watch videos about it, and occasionally dream about it. It was a surprise New Years gift from Ben and I have thoroughly loved it.
Last year we had record breaking heat and droughts, I loathe heat and dry weather, it depressed the pants off of me (it was too hot for pants) so when winter rolled around and we got snow I was elated! We had a our first big snowfall in February and I decided to introduce my cats to the snow. Tao was exceptionally confused by this cold white stuff, Espeon ran into the snow and immediately ran out of it again.
Combining my new love of Perler Beads (discovered at Christmas) and my new love of Summoner Wars in this photo. Summoner Wars is an awesome game that I recommend everyone check out. Ben and I love it so much that we created this long, rambling RPG style story around the various factions and battles (because we do that about everything, really) and have spent many an awesome hour in character. Shadow Elves Rule!
One of the things I enjoy about Kansas City and the Midwest is the crazy, unpredictable weather. This is mid May and we got a nice foot of snow, a few days later it melted away and was replaced by a few inches of hail. The hail squall roar terrified me and I thought it was a tornado, so I grabbed the cats and was running to the basement when I realized 'oh, it is hail' and then of course went outside to investigate. I certainly learned that as much as I want to go storm chasing some day, tornadoes still terrify me.
Shortly after that crazy weather I got sick, really sick, (granted I had spent more or less the entire time after Christmas in a constant state of unwell but this was bad) terribl bronchitis that made my asthma flair up worse than it has in years...of course this was two weeks before my big bus trip back to PA to spend some much needed time with my family. Luckily time with my mom did the trick and cured my lungs, along with some terrible homesickness. I spent three months hanging out with my awesome family, hunting mushrooms, playing in mountain creeks, and remembering the things I miss about living in the mountains. Sorry Midwest, you do not have nearly enough forests and mountains for my soul to be really content here. It we truly one of the best summers ever.
Right about this time I discovered my true calling in life, tea blogging and being a giant geek. Ok, I already knew the geek part, but discovering tea blogging was like a light going on and everything falling into place. I could express myself through writing and hopefully get more people interested in teas that I like. I have also discovered a lot of wonderful new teas, founded a facebook tea group, and met some wonderful people. I have been in a lot of different social networking and forums and nowhere have I ever been more welcomed and surrounded by such friendly people.
Speaking of tea, this little guy has been such an awesome friend. I love Oolong tea, it is probably my favorite type of tea to drink (and so varied!) and investing in a Gaiwan was one of my best decisions. I recommend one to anyone who really wants to experience the art of Oolong.

So that has been my year, it has been filled with tea, geekery, loved ones, sickness, cats, and perler beads. Overall I would say it has been a good year, I have found my true purpose in life and I finally have a real sense of contentment. And now I am going back to Terraria to work on my epic tunnel, see you all tomorrow for your regularly scheduled tea!

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  1. Thank you for this! I love you and I love your blog. I may not comment on every post,but I do enjoy reading it soooo!