Friday, December 13, 2013

Adagio Teas: Yunnan Jig, A Tea Review

I am going to admit it, I have not had a good day. I blame it on insufficient tea, insufficient snow, and really annoying Lupus/RA flair in the making. Even though my day has been less than stellar I am somewhat grateful for days like today, they help keep life in perspective. Life is all about balance, and today I will balance my life by making my tea journal's backlog one entry shorter.
The leaves look like beautiful felt!
Today's tea is Yunnan Jig by Adagio Teas and is one of those beautiful Black teas filled with beautiful golden tips. I am such a fan of tippy teas, the aesthetic appeal is so strong. The aroma is sweetly muscatel with notes of oak and summer berries. The aroma is very mellow and fairly soothing, fairly delicate for a Black tea.

Once the leaves are steeped their aroma takes a turn for the malty with strong notes of oak. Less sweet now and more of that punchy aroma that Black teas are known for. The aroma is much brighter and richer now with very subtle notes of muscatel as I pull my steeping basket away from my face. The liquid is sweet and muscatel with a delicate note of malt and a hint of fresh berries.

The taste is bright and clean! It is a great feeling to take that first sip of a black and feel not only refreshed but have the flavors come across as being pure. The flavors are sweet with notes of muscatel and a gentle hint of dark chocolate. I also detected an aftertaste of mineral leaving a slightly tingling mouthfeel which finished the sipping experience with the same refreshing feeling as the beginning. This is a great afternoon tea that I found tasted wonderfully straight, but adding a hint of cream and sugar was also delicious.

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