Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DAVIDsTEA, Cocomint Cream, A Tea Review

I spent the entire day sorting through game sprites to figure out some of my next projects, the majority of that time was sorting through Terraria Sprites, that game has a TON of amazing sprites. I look forward to perlering some of those epic weapons and of course, goldfish. Now that Pu Erh week has ended it is time to go back to the eternal backlog of my notebook. This is a classic and I have no idea how it was skipped until now, classic page ten goodness.
Those are some big bits!
Cocomint Cream by DAVIDsTEA is....no longer in stock, a seasonal tea I believe. It is an herbal tisane that blends Coconut, Peppermint, Apples, and Blackberry Leaves. I did a double take with this tea, I have never seen mint mixed with coconut...color me intrigued. The aroma is sweet, minty, and coconutty with mild notes of fresh foliage. There is a slight note of apple giving it a tangy edge. I keep sniffing this tea and leaning back, perplexed, the aromas are very good, but together they seem a bit odd.

After my aroma confusion settled and my curiosity got the best of me I steeped the tea, the leaves become much sweeter with the notes of mint, apple, and coconut becoming very strong. They mingle in a great pile of confusion that is not unpleasant. Underneath the dominant notes hides a delicate citrus note that is very much the shy friend in a group of extroverts. It smiles and waves and then does its own thing in the background. The aroma of the liquid is immensely sweet, like baked apples and rather heady coconut, the mint is a bit milder and that shy citrus note is still present.

The taste is a mix of mint, apples, and coconut, all very well balanced and blended and sweet. It is a sweet dance of confusion in my mouth, is this tea tropical or harvest themed, refreshing or calming? I just don't know!! The mouth feel is a blend of smooth and tingly, which is my favorite thing about this tea. This tea is not bad but this particular blend of flavors clash too much for my liking. I very much so feel like my five year old self that would have freak out when my foods would touch each other on their plate, the flavors are too distinct and strong to make a suitable 'me' blend.

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