Monday, December 2, 2013

Geekery Showcase: oPryze's Mod Tool for Minecraft Xbox360

It is time for a little Geekery in my Tea and Geekery blog! Once in a while I crawl out from under my Cobblestone block to look at what is going on in the Minecraft Xbox community and spend a decent amount of time ogling and playing on Adventure Maps and wishing I had better Redstone skills. Usually it is because I get bored with playing on survival or working on massive builds on creative and want a new challenge! 
It did not take long before I got bored

This time I was frustrated that my newest attempt at creating a challenge for myself was taking too long, because I really expected building a bedrock shell around a world would not take forever. I popped onto MCDN360 to see if anyone else had already created something like this or had some sort of 'eternal night' kind of creations when I stumbled onto oPryze's Mod Tool allowing you to mod a world.
magical floating bedrock in the sky read that right, Mod a Minecraft Xbox world. Now some of you might already know that there are modders out there for the 360, but for someone like me that looks at a line of code and has a minor brain fizzle a tool existing that allows you to mod your own world was an amazing discovery. I laughed maniacally. 
be careful in the sand, there are pigmen 

This tool allows you to do so much to your world, and I just started fidgeting with it last night so I know I have only scratched the surface. You can make floating blocks (like a roof of sand) super enchanted tools, create monster spawners (why is there an Enderdragon in the overworld?) and tons of other things. 
What the blazes?

One of the features I am most excited to experiment with is the ability to convert PC maps to Xbox maps, mix in some custom editing with MCedit and the possibilities are pretty huge. This amazing tool certainly makes me a little less wistful over not having a functioning gaming PC and certainly impresses me with the amount of potential it has. Bravo oPryze, your creation is wonderful!
Ever wonder what a cow looks like after it meets a super enchanted sword?

Are intrigued enough to download it and give it a try? Or at the very least want to watch a video about it? Well the good news is I can provide both with a convenient link. Now that poetic waxing, heaping praise, and general geeking out is over I can return to tea tomorrow. 

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