Monday, December 30, 2013

Here's Hoping Traveling Tea Box, The Unboxing

I love tea swapping, back when I was very active on Swap-bot I signed up for every tea themed swap I could find. Sadly though most the swaps on Swap-bot are for teabags and I am more of a loose leaf kinda girl now, and I missed my swaps. I have been debating joining in some of the tea swaps on Steepster but usually they are 'I have X and I am requesting Y' and have not found any that really 'fit' me. Of course there is the Traveling Tea Box, which I had to get in on.

I am not easily overwhelmed, but this did it!
The Traveling Tea Box is a genius idea, a person loads a box full of tea and sends it to the first person on a list, that person takes what they want and replaces it with an equal amount of tea. You can take lots of samples or a few full packages (or a bit of both) as long as you replace it with an equal amount of tea. Most people of course add more than they took so the box is also a testament to how amazing the tea community is.
Useful Reference Card
As soon as I was accepted into the box list I went to the store to get fancy bags (most of my tea is stored in tins or jars on a very dark and dry shelf) and started selecting what teas I would add. My plan was to take a serving of most the teas (for blogging purposes...ok, and for my own curiosity) and only remove the full container if it is a tea I loved.
I was going to lay them all out for a photo, but I lacked the floor space, so I sorted them best I could in their box.
I have of course, already selected the teas I am keeping, I am most excited about the Lupica Matcha Wild Rice and the Utopia Tea Almond Cookies but all the samples and other keepers have me practically bouncing. There were quite a few teas that only had a serving left so those will be staying with me as well.
My keeping stash, yes I will Smeagol 'My Precious' over the pile

The teas I selected to replace are all packed up and ready to go. I am especially excited to see what people think of the Rose Tie Guan Yin and the Minecraft Creeper Tea. I might have the record for the shortest turn around time with a Tea Box, but that is ok with me! The box is packed and waiting to go to its next home as soon as I get the address.
The going out stash, not sure how many ounces in total there are, but I had a bit of a hard time getting them all to fit in!
This experience was so amazing I am tempted to start a version of this with my Facebook Tea Group. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!! And since my stomach is on the mend I will be able to enjoy all of these teas soon!


  1. Nice, I was on the first round and I see some of the same teas in there! Looks like you had fun with the box too!