Saturday, December 28, 2013

Numi Organic Tea, Aged Earl Grey, A Tea Review

My first day without any tea (or non boring food) and so far a mild improvement, sadly the complete and utter lack of caffeine has turned me into a grumpy slug. I haven't bothered to change out of my PJs and have spent the entire day playing Terraria and glaring at anyone that is at all 'peppy' it turns out I am not a pleasant person without caffeine in my system. But have no fear, I can reign in my snarly sensibilities to talk about a tea like a civilized person.

Today we are looking at Aged Earl Grey by Numi Organic Tea, I originally bought a box of this tea for my Earl Grey obsessed boyfriend in the constant search to find different Earl Grey variants that he would like, of course I wandered off with a bag for my own nefarious reviewing purposes. The aroma of this tea is very bergamot heavy with a sweet edge to it, there is also a malty undertone that makes the aroma very pleasant, it is certainly a tea that will wake you up!

The brewed tea has a bright and brisk aroma, typical of an Earl Grey, with strong notes of bergamot's citrus tones. There is also an undertone of malt that add an extra bit of briskness to the cup's aroma.

The taste is sadly not spectacular, there is an initial wonderfully bright zing of astringency, but after that fades I found I was left with a mouth full of nothingness. The bergamot aroma from earlier is not present in the tasting, but there is still a very mild hint of malt as an aftertaste. Sadly this tea is not for me, even if it does smell delightful.

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