Saturday, December 7, 2013

Numi Organic Tea: Chocolate Pu Erh Tea, A Tea Review

Today has been a good day, I have spent it sipping very strong black tea, avoiding the cold with a lap cat, finalizing some perler project plans, and watching Let's Plays for the new game, Starbound. I am certainly going to play it (assuming my computer doesn't laugh at the mere thought of me attempting it, much like it did with Minecraft) next time I have money to buy a new game. You all know me, I am a sucker for games with amazing pixel sprites, it is one of my passions. Of course you are all here for my other passion, tea! Welcome to day five of Pu Erh week!

Today we are looking at Chocolate Pu Erh by Numi Organic Tea. I actually first tried this tea almost two years ago, but that was in the dark age when I didn't review teas so I remember next to nothing about it except that I liked it, so it is time to take another look at it. The aroma is very chocolaty with a slight touch of vanilla and spice. The aroma is more like a truffle than a tea since I do not detect any aroma of the Pu Erh, I am suspecting this will be a potent dessert tea.

Once I introduce the teabag to its nice hot bath I start to notice the aroma of tea, it comes through as earthy and a touch malty. There is of course still a very strong aroma of chocolate and spices, primarily nutmeg, and a tiny hint of vanilla. The tea is still very reminiscent of dessert and there is still not much of the tea aroma in this tea. I should note that even though the Pu Erh aroma is very faint the tea still smells really yummy.

Tasting time! Feel free to play the Final Fantasy VII Victory Fanfare in your mind in celebration of a successful steep, I know I do. The taste is chocolaty and creamy, like a mix of chocolate and vanilla truffles with a hint of a spiced aftertaste. It is not all just rich chocolate and vanilla though, there is an earthiness that is there under all the other flavors adding a weight to the sipping. The mouthfeel is brisk and the flavor is bright. I will call this a dessert tea but it is not overwhelmingly sweet, similar to dark chocolate, so it is good to drink alongside a dessert without having a sweetness overdose. As it cools I notice notes of roasted nuts and biscuit. Not bad, I wish there had been more of a Pu Erh taste, but this would be a great way to introduce a newcomer to the world of Pu Erh.

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